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AL Sancak 15 bangla

Al Sancak Episode 15 with Bangla Subtitles

ভিডিও দেখতে পোস্টের নিচে যান

An action series about 10 talented soldiers and their struggles to protect their homeland. against his enemies.

The Al Sancak series was recently released on Turkey’s official TV channel TRT 1. The series will mainly show different aspects of the Turkish army’s heroism. Recently, various popular series are being aired in Turkey. Al sancak is one of them. We hope this series will get huge popularity.

The series will be aired by Bozdag Film. Various popular actors have joined the series. The series will air on TRT 1 channel every Thursday night.

Al Sancak series cast:

A famous name plays Uğur Güneş, a soldier in the Al Sancak series. Although no official statement has yet been made about the series, it is now certain that it will be a military series, as seen in the trailer. It was found that Uğur Güneş’s partner in the series was Gülsüm Ali İlhan, one of the popular series named after Gönül Dagi.

Al Sancak Episode 15 with Bangla Subtitles

The era of chaos that has dawned on the world is forcing all countries to review their security policies. As power pools are brought under the control of terrorist organizations, a new era begins where border security begins far beyond the border.

Al Sancak Episode 15 with Bangla Subtitles

TAF devises strategies to adapt to changing conditions, assembling elite teams to conduct targeted operations. and shooting missions within the framework of special units at home and abroad. One of these teams is Team Al Sancak. The Alsancak team not only annihilates threats against Turkey but strengthens Turkey’s hand in all areas with its deterrence capabilities as a “peace dove, war eagle”.

He fights with dedication in different parts of the world for the good of his country and humanity.

Al Sancak Series Top Cast: Eslem Akar, Gulsim Ali, Faruk Aran, Mehtap Demirel, Emre Dinler, Ridvan Aybars Duzey, Fatih Gühan, Ugur Günes, Murat Ince, Zeynep Koltuk, Cem Kurtoglu, Çaglar Sayin, Ahmet Olgun Sünear, Idris Nebi Taskan, Tezhan Tezcan, Gözde Türker, Ahmet Yenilmez, Abidin Yerebakan. Watch Urdu Subtitles

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