Dokuz Oguz

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Colonel Tomris Toprak has come to the end of his painstaking efforts to set up a “Global Emergency Response Team in Turkey”. It’s time to gather the selected troops and put them into service as soon as possible. This unit, an army apple in the eyes of the Turkish Armed Forces, will fight for the oppressed and persecuted Turks around the world. Watch And Download Dokuz Oguz English Subtitles

He chose the name of Captain Batur Darkness, one of the most talented and courageous officers he had ever known, to lead the team. Still working at the Border Patrol Station, the Dark’s captain is part of a planned operation for a Red List terrorist he tracked for months before taking over Team Oguz. At the same time, Colonel Tomris is on his way to establish military contacts in Nakhichevan. Watch And Download Dokuz Oguz English Subtitles

However, the centers of evil decided to strangle the Turkish Global Emergency Response Team at the stage of its formation. soldiers of the Oghuz force; the Dark Captain and the contract soldiers who had been housed at his request; Okan Demirkir and Yasar Kayaturk, Lt. Yigit Toygar, NCOs; Ercan Korkut, Umay Colpan, Timur Gokay and Boran Delideniz are sworn in and begin their service in .

Meanwhile, reports of Turkish nomads living on the Uzbekistan-Afghanistan border spur Colonel Tomris to action. Power to protect this Turkish obsession from terrorist gangs. But now it’s time to serve Team Oghuz: with his orders, Tim embarks on a long journey to cover for his people.

Dokuz Oguz English Subtitles

The young woman who surprises the Black Captain during the operation is confused, the great war of the Oghuz team started with this operation… No matter where in the world, no Turk is left alone. Dokuz Oguz is the epic tale of reaching a new climax in the legend of Mehmetchik that spans more than two thousand years

Dokuz Oğuz is an action and drama Turkish television series signed by Gold Film , the first episode of which was broadcast on January 28, 2023, directed by Cem Akyoldaş and written by Süleyman Çobanoğlu and GülKubilay Aka , Deniz Işın and Yasemin Allen share lead roles. watch urdu subtitles

Dokuz Oguz Series CAST:

Kubilay AkaCaptain Batur Darkness
Sea BeamBilge Toreeva
Jasmine AllenColonel Tomris Toprak
Tuncer Salman
Daghan KulegeçSergeant Major Ercan Korkut
Sahara ShasPetty Officer Staff Sergeant Umay Çolpan
Kayhan AçıkgözContract Private Yaşar Kayatürk
Taylan SquareContract Private Okan Demirkir
Serhan OnatPetty Officer Sergeant Boran Delideniz
Ramie DelinLieutenant Yigit Toygar
Volkan KeskinPetty Officer Staff Sergeant Timur Gökay
Cem Sultan Karabulut
Murat Danaci
Hakan BoyavBrigadier General Ali Osman Bozkır
Mehmet CevikHassan grandfather

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