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Heysultan is a new Turkish Series, that is going to air in 2023. This series is made from the life of Abdul Qadar Zilani. we are going to work on this series. We will publish English Subtitles for this series. This series will be in 30 Episodes. Its trailer already aired.

A Short Discussion of Abdul Qadir Gilani

When the condition of the Muslim Caliphate is deplorable, when Muslims are fighting over their own religion, when people forget Islam and fall in love with the world, then in the holy month of Ramadan in the year 471 Hijri, in the house of Fatima and Abu Saleh Musha at the place called Naid on the Caspian coast of the district of Jilan in Iran. A baby is born. They named him Mohiuddin Abdul Quader. He is the great Pir Abdul Quader Jilani (RA)!

He showed his charisma soon after his birth, he was born on the night of Ramadan, while people could not see the moon that year due to rain. So they fall into a dilemma. But Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was eating food till Subeh Sadiq but since Subeh Sadiq was not able to feed him in any way. By this everyone understands that Ramadan has started. (This incident is a weak narration, yet it has only been pointed out, surely Allah knows best)

From birth he was very different from other children. He always followed his mother’s orders. He was not very into sports. He always wanted to learn something from his mother at home.

HaySultan with English Subtitles

When he got a little older. His mother sent him to Maktab. On the first day of the Maktab, his teacher Ayzubillah gave him the lessons of Minas Shaytanir Razim and Bismillah Rahmanir Rahim, but he recited 18 verses of the Qur’an by heart to Huzur. Huzur was very impressed. And asked him, O Mohiuddin, how did you memorize the 18 verses of the Qur’an? He replied: “When I was in my mother’s womb my mother memorized 18 verses of the Qur’an. I memorized it by listening to it.” Subhanallah!

His intellect was so good that he never forgot what he read. At a very young age, he mastered various major masalas and books of hadith, including Hafez of the Qur’an.

When he had become a jurist and hadith scholar, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, came to him in a dream and said to him, O Abdul Qader Jilani, why do you not convey your wisdom door to door? Why are you not going door to door with the invitation of Islam?

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Abdul Qader Jilani said: O Messenger of Allah, I was born in Iran, so I do not know the pure Arabic language, so I cannot reach anyone’s door with the invitation to Islam. Then the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) blew something into his mouth and made him salivate. From then on he used to speak Arabic in such a melodious way that people would go crazy.

When he was narrating, people would listen to the narration so intently that birds would come and sit on them, but the people did not realize that the bird was sitting on them, and the bird did not know whether it was sitting on the man or on the tree. (This is also a poor description)

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He was so truthful that once he was going on a tour. On the way, his caravan was surrounded by a group of robbers. The bandits brought everyone down and lined them up. At the very end of the row was Abdul Quader Jilani Rahmatullahi Alaihi. The robbers were taking everything from everyone one by one, everyone was trying to save their wealth by lying. Hiding from robbers.

As Abdul Qader Jilani went out on a tour, his mother sewed forty dirhams into his garment to set him apart. Abdul Quader Jilani Rahmatullahi Alaihi’s mother always told him to always be truthful. That is why the robbers caught Abdul Qader Jilani Rahmatullahi Alaihi.

Hay Sultan with English Subtitles

Then they asked him without searching, do you have anything? They didn’t search mainly because he was still young. And what can this small child have? Abdul Quader Jilani Rahmatullahi Alaihi could have said if he wanted. “No” then they would leave him. But he spoke the straight truth and said I have forty dirhams sewn inside.

The robbers laughed and said: Hey, are you crazy, how can you have so many dirhams inside your clothes? Abdul Qader Jilani rahmatullahi alaihi said: Oh no indeed, forty dirhams are sewn inside my shirt. Even if the robbers saw forty dirhams sewn inside his clothes. They were surprised.

They asked why you told us the truth. In response, Abdul Qader Jilani Rahmatullahi Alaihi said if you ask me if I have anything, I will say what is true. The robbers asked again. Why did you say this truth?

What told you this truth? Abdul Qader Jilani Rahmatullahi Alaihi said: My mother told me to always tell the truth. Then the robbers said to him, “We don’t even listen to our mother, on the contrary, we steal from people and eat.” Their hearts softened. And they all accepted Islam and returned to the path of truth.

Hay Sultan with English Subtitles

He was one of the oldest Oli, he spent most of his life fasting. Spent the night in Quran recitation and Nafal prayers. He would recite the Qur’an at night when his eyes fell asleep, but he would not go to sleep. Because he has performed Fajr prayer after 40 years of his youth.

He was always thinking about dhikr. He used to reach people door to door in such a way that people’s hearts would melt and their eyes would become tearful. When he preached in a way, the people of Allah would come and die. He was the best Oli of that time, now he is called the greatest Oli among the Oli.

At the hands of Tina, a great change was observed in the Muslim world at that time and she became famous in the caliphates. He embellished Tina’s life in a way that remains an example to the Muslim world to this day.

When he reached the age of 90, he left this world on Monday, 11 Rabius Sani 561 Hijri, for the final sight of Allah. And now his grave is in the city of Baghdad, Iraq.

May Allah Ta’ala make this great Ali a dweller in Jannat and grant us some of us the right understanding and right understanding in his wake, Ameen! Read more

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