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Who is Haji Bairam Valley?

Hazrat Haji Bairam Valley (H. 753-833 / 1352-1430)
He was born and raised in Ankara, in central Anatolia, in the small village of Zulfadal, on the banks of the Kubuk Strait. There is no record of the exact date of his birth. However, the year 1352 was determined as the year of his birth and was widely accepted, so it was included in his biography. It is based on a number of historians who claim that he was born two years after the death of Dawood al-Qaysari and that this must be the year 753 AH.

Haci Bayram Veli English Subtitles Kayifamily

However, some other historians claim that he lived to be 90 years old, which means he was born in 740 (1339-40). His real name at the time of his birth was Numan. The name Bayram was given to him by Hajj Abu Hamiduddin (Somunju Baba) because their first meeting took place during Qurban Bayram (Eid-ul-Azha). After their first meeting, he became a disciple of Halwati Shaykh Hajj.

Abu Hamiduddin Aksarayi (died 810/1408), from whom he received instructions from Tasawwuf. Sheikh Somunju was also known as Baba, because he made a special kind of bread [named Somunju] for the workers who built the Ulu (Great) Mosque in Bursa. As a separate note, this particular bread is still famous and baked today, but only in 2 places, in a small town in Turkey and in Sarajevo (Bosnia). Somunju Baba was one of the ‘unknown’ saints who followed the teachings of Ibn Arabi. Shortly before his death, Hajj Abu Hamiduddin appointed Haji Bajram as his successor.

Haci Bayram Veli English Subtitles Kayifamily

Haji Bayram was educated in religious sciences such as Qur’anic exegesis, hadith, and canon law. As well as practicing the natural sciences in his time. His curiosity led him to the Ottoman lands, from Ankara to Bursa to Damascus, where he attended lectures by various eminent sheiks

Eventually he returned to Ankara and settled in his village, since then, he has dedicated himself to educating and nurturing his students at Ankara’s Kara Madrasa, which was the legacy of Princess Adila Melika Hatun. The Seljuks In a short time, early in his career as a young teacher (Khoja) he became known, respected and loved, and highly esteemed among his colleagues and dignitaries at Kara Madrasa. 

Haci Bayram Veli English Subtitles Kayifamily

 Haji Bairam-i Valley was a great sheik and teacher as well as a writer and poet. He wrote his works in Turkish, thus significantly influencing the use of Turkish in Anatolia. He is the founder of the Bayramiye sect, which quickly spread to Turkey and the Balkans, and Egypt. He founded a school in Ankara, as well as his Bajram-e Order saint shrine. Both were widely known and inquisitive and through their curriculum, they attracted students from far and wide

In time, he became a personal adviser to the Ottoman Sultan Murat II. Sultan Murad Khan by his famous decree exempted the disciples of Haji Bayram Valley from taxes and military service so that they could only be employed in science

Haci Bayram Veli English Subtitles online

An episode that took place during Sultan Murat’s visit to Hasi Bayrami’s work became a legend. The topic of discussion was, among other things, the possible conquest of Constantinople, which they had failed to overcome in some previous attempts. Sultan Murat II, who desperately wanted to conquer this famous city from the Byzantines, asked Haji Bayram for his opinion. Haji Bayram looked at Mehmet, the youngest son of Sultan, still a small child, who was not far from them

Haci Bayram Veli English Subtitles online

He then turned to the Sultan and told him that he would not conquer Constantinople, but that victory was in the hands of his son Mehmet. Thus, he famously and accurately predicted that the Sultan’s son Mehmet Fatih would conquer Constantinople, after which he received the nickname “Conqueror”. Hacı Bayram-ı Veli worked in the propagation of Islam till the end of his life.

He died in Ankara in 1429 (d. 833). His tomb is adjacent to the Haji Bairam Mosque, which is named after him.

Haci Bayram Veli English Subtitles All Episode

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