History of Al-Aqsa Mosque

History of Al-Aqsa Mosque

The conflict between right and wrong has been going on since the beginning of the world. Sometimes, this conflict is psychological, through the pen, sometimes through power, and sometimes through war. 

But there is an issue where the conflict of Haq-Batil has been fought only through war since the beginning. The pages of history are stained with blood. Let’s find out what is the issue. And what is that history?

  Introduction of Al-Aqsa Mosque : To know about the Aqsa Mosque, you must first see the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a mountainous area. Mountains surround it. The notable hills among the hills are: 1. Moriah Hill 2. Zaitun Hill 3. Sahyun Hill 4. Akra Hill 5. Jaita Hill 6. Gaol Hill

Al-Aqsa Mosque
Al-Aqsa Mosque

In 300 BC, the ruler of the Yabusite tribe of Arabia “Malik Sadek” planned to build the city of Jerusalem. According to the plan, he made the city and declared it the capital of his kingdom. The Yabusites began to build houses in Jerusalem. Slowly, the fame of the town began to spread. The city of Jerusalem started from there.

Climate of Al-Aqsa Mosque : The climate of Jerusalem is moderate. Except for winter and summer, the average temperature there is 18 centigrade. The crops, crops and agricultural lands enjoy the Mediterranean climate. January is the coldest month, with a temperature of 9.7 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, August is the hottest month when the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in winter is 4 degrees Celsius.

Different Names of the City of Jerusalem: To Muslims, the city of Jerusalem is best known as “Al Quds”. The word Quds means “holy”. When Malik Zadek, ruler of the Yabusite tribe, built the city of Jerusalem in 300,000 BC, he named it “Eurosalem, ” aa Canaanite word. Which means “Peaceful”. Malik Sadek’s ruler was peaceful, so the city was named “Eurosalem”. And from there, we call Jerusalem today. The city of Jerusalem has many other names. 1. Madinatul Haq (city of truth) 2. Madinatullah (City of Allah) 3. Madinatul Muqaddasah (Holy City) 4. Madinah-Tawherah (Holy City)

Renowned historian Yaqut Hamawita mentioned another name for it in his book Al Mu’jamul Buldan, which is “Al-Balat”, which means “The Royal Palace”.

Map of Jerusalem
Map of Jerusalem

Different Names of Al-Aqsa Mosque: Aqsa means “distant”. Me’raj begins from Makkah, And the word “Aqsa” is first used in the Holy Qur’an to describe the event of Me’raj. The word Aqsa is used because the distance of Aqsa from Mecca is greater. Also, there are many other names for Aksa Mosque 1. Al-Quds. 2. Ilya in the mosque. 3. Salam in the mosque 4. Mosque in Jerusalem 5. Yabus in the mosque

Construction and Version of Masjid Aqsa: [First Construction] Many people think that Kaaba Sharif was first built by Hazrat Ibrahim a: and Masjid Aqsa was made by Hazrat Sulaiman a: which is a misconception. Hazrat Abu Dhar Ghifari (R.A.) once asked Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) how many years were between Masjid Haram and Masjid Aqsa.

He said 40 years, But there is a one-thousand-year gap between Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Sulaiman. The consensus here is that Hazrat Adam a.s built the Ka’ba Sharif. His descendants then spread to different places. 40 years after the construction of the Kaaba Sharif, someone from his clan built the Aqsa Mosque

Second reconstruction: The above statement raises the question that it is written in history that Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) built the Aqsa Mosque. : Builder. Not the first builder.

 Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) ordered the Jinn to rebuild the Aqsa Mosque. Jinns were very evil; they looked for opportunities to escape. So, Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) stood on the stick and prayed to Allah, “O Allah! You keep my death a secret.” Allah Ta’ala accepted Tina’s prayer, and Allah Ta’ala kept her standing as she was alive even after death.

 The Jinn worked continuously for a year to rebuild the Aqsa Mosque. If any jinn wanted to disobey Hazrat Sulaiman a.s., let him burn After the work was finished, a jinn wanted to leave without permission of Hazrat Sulaiman. But he didn’t burn. The genie was very surprised. He kept going back and forth, but he didn’t burn.

 Then, the Jinn realized that Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) had died. By that time, the construction of Aksa Mosque was completed. Then, all the jinns disappeared. There is a beautiful incident of the stick on which Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) was standing. The incident is also narrated in a weak, rewritten hadith.

The story is that whenever Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) stood in prayer, he would see a sapling before him. He would ask the sapling, “What is your purpose?” If planting was intended. Then, he would plant. And if medicine were designed, he would take care of it separately. One day, he asked a tree, “What is your purpose”? The tree said I intend to destroy the mosque. Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) said, “No, I will kill you.” And then the mosque will be destroyed.

Description of Al-Aqsa Mosque: The area of ​​Aqsa Mosque, currently surrounded by four walls, is one hundred and forty thousand nine hundred square meters. There are a total of four mosques inside these four walls. 1. Aqsa Mosque 2. Masjid Sakhra 3. Umar 4 in the mosque. Nisa Mosque.

Masjid Sakhra is located 500 meters south of Aksarah Mosque. There are a total of 11 entrance doors to the mosque. First, to enter the Aqsa Mosque from the north, there is a large balcony; there are seven entries to enter the mosque.

There is 1 door on the east side, two on the west side, and one entry on the south side. There is a separate place for women to pray. The mosque has many pillars, which are beautifully designed. On the north-west there is a beautifully carved arch-Zakaria.

There are many domes in the Aqsa Mosque; the notable ones are 1. Silsilah Dome. 2. Sheikh Khalil Dome. 3. Suleiman’s Dome. 4. Nahiwa dome. 5 Khidir Dome. 6. Meraj Dome. 7 Moses Dome. 8. Yusuf Dome. 9. Mehrannavi Dome. The Aqsa Mosque has several tall and beautiful minarets. Notable are such as: 1. Babul Asbat Minara. 1. Babul Magarekha Minara. 3. Babus Silsilah Minara. And the ablution- istinja has a beautiful arrangement.

Al-Aqsa defeated and restored: The first mosque was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. It was then rebuilt by the Persian governor Zerubbabel. In 315, the Romans used it as a dumping ground, and the Jews did not consider it a holy place. King Herod the Great built the Western Wall in 208 BC. Then destroy Bukhte Nasr. Bani Israel was drowning in the sea of ​​sin. Then Allah Ta’ala inflicted three punishments on them, which is mentioned in Surah Bani Israel. One of them is that Bani Israel will be destroyed.

Bukhte Nasr burned the entire Jerusalem mosque to ashes, including the Aqsa. Here is an exciting fact [it is irrelevant, but I could not write it because it is related to the beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)] that is when Bukhte Nasr was rampaging all over the place, our dear Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s ancestor “Ma’ad He was 12 years old. So Allah Ta’ala ordered the Prophet of that time, Hazrat Armiya (AS), to take him to Makkah.

However, after 70 B.C., the Christians used it as a dumping ground. Hazrat Umar (R.A.) restored it. And after clearing the garbage dump, he built a wooden mosque there. It was then republished by the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik ibn Marwan in 691, which still survives. After 1500 years, it still shines.

It was built yesterday. Then again, the Christians rose with their heads high. They started the Crusades, which means religious wars. In 1096, the Pope called for the first crusade. France, Germany and Italy responded to the call. Whom the Arabs called “Frankis”.

When the Emperor Alexis of Constantinople swore to the Pope that they would recover the Holy Land of Jerusalem, he took an oath from the Crusaders. He promised them the territory would be his to the commander who captured it. Well, a new brutality begins. With 70,000 or more soldiers, they marched toward Jerusalem as they fought. At that time, the ruler of Jerusalem was the Fatimid governor Iftikhar ad-Dullah. Historians say Thakhan had only 1,000 soldiers and 400 cavalry with him in Jerusalem. Finally, on July 15, 1099, after a long siege, they captured Jerusalem. This is how 472 years of Muslim rule fell in Jerusalem. After capturing the city, they carried out mass killings in the city.

Turned the mosque into a church. Al-Aqsa was flooded with the blood of Muslims that day. Murder, betrayal, and rape were not left out of the crusade soldiers. No one, the young, the old, the woman, the woman and the child, was saved from them. They even killed Jews.

Al-Aqsa Victory by Salauddin Ayyubi : A carpenter built a stunning minaret of brown colour. The minaret was so beautiful that everyone could hear the praise of the minaret.

Many people wanted to buy it, but only one word of the carpenter! I built this minar for Aksa Mosque. I will never sell it. People called the man crazy. Because they thought that Jerusalem was now in the hands of Christians, Muslims could no longer conquer it. So, how will the minaret be destroyed in Al-Aqsa?

One day, a boy came to see the minaret with his father. Seeing the minaret, the boy vowed in his heart that he would surely build this minaret in the Aqsa Mosque. And that boy destroyed that minaret in the Aqsa Mosque after 40 years. The boy’s name is written in golden letters in history as “Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayyubi”.

Al-Aqsa Victory by Salauddin Ayyubi
Al-Aqsa Victory by Salauddin Ayyubi

After the Battle of Hittin, the Crusaders lost their courage. On the other hand, Sultan Saladin Ayyubid prepared for the final assault on Jerusalem with his Janbaz Mujahideen. And after a 12-day siege, Muslim soldiers were able to scale the walls of Jerusalem. When the Muslim commander raised the Muslim flag over Jerusalem, they realized that the city had fallen. Christian women cut off girls’ hair to inspire their soldiers. But the Muslims, with the help of Allah, fought a jihad and recaptured the city.

Jewish conspiracy about Al-Aqsa: After Sultan Saladin Ayyubi conquered Jerusalem, the Jews started various collaborations. Which still exists today. They tried to take Jerusalem from the Muslims in different ways.

Even Theodor Herzl, who is called the father of the Israeli state, wanted to buy land in Palestine in exchange for money from Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan. Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan was a politically skilled ruler. Who can not be compared with the ruler? There is no other example of such a ruler in history.

Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan was a wise man. I am narrating the incident according to the Sultan’s diary:- He would not allow Theodor Herzl to meet him. After Theodor Herzl requested for six years, he gave only two hours. Theodor Herzl delivered a long speech before the Sultan. He thought the Sultan would agree.

He offered to pay off all the Ottoman Empire’s debts if he sold them some land in Palestine. Will buy new and modern weapons for soldiers. And will give more money. But Sultan II Abdul Hamid Khan did not straighten it. He said: Al-Aqsa is not mine; it is a land bought with the blood of Muslims. I have no right to sell this land. He insulted Theodor Herzl and expelled him. (We still have rare video footage of that moment in history). The Jews once overthrew Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan II to protect Al Aqsa.

Presently, Al-Aqsa and what we should do: The fight over Al-Aqsa is ongoing until today. Al Aqsa is stained with the blood of Muslims. Barbaric Jews are not spared the persecution that is not worth writing about or needing to be written about. We see everything with our own eyes.

What the Muslim world should do about Palestine:

1.. Everyone is protesting from their place to tell the government that they should stand by the Palestinians 2. The greatest weapon of Muslims is prayer. Everyone prays for the Palestinian Muslims. 3.. Boycott Israeli products to cause them financial loss.

4.. All Muslims should give up their sins and be God-oriented. Because every danger of Muslims is due to their deeds.

“Allahhum mahfaznal palestina minal yahudi wan nashara”

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