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Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Season 5 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5

Review of Kurulus Osman Season 4

The most watched series in the world is Dirilis Ertuğrul, a continuation of this series about Ertuğrul Gazi’s son Osman Gazi. Directed by Mehmet Bozdag, the series stars Burak Ozjivit as the main character Osman Bey. The series ran from 20 November 2019 to 15 June 2023 for 4 seasons on Turkish private TV channel ATV, which was very popular with all types of viewers.

Osman Bey, the main character: Burak Ozjivit tries his best to portray the character of Osman Bey. And his performance became very popular with the audience. Osman Bey is the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire started running by his hand.

Which later ruled the world for 600 years. Osman Bey as a father, friend, helper of the poor. He established the Ottoman Empire with his kindness and intelligence. That is why, even though different empires had different communities, all types of communities lived together in the Ottoman Empire. Because this empire was a court of tolerance and truth.

Özge Törer played Bala Hatun, Osman Bey’s first wife, in the series. Bala Hatun was the daughter of Sheikh Edeb-Ali, the greatest scholar of the 12th century. Sheikh Edeb-Ali was called the light of the Turks. As Bala Hatun was a mother, she lived on the battlefield. He created a women’s fighting organization, called Bajian, this women’s warrior organization helped Osman Bey in various battles. Bala Hatun’s son Alauddin became the first vizier or minister of the Ottoman Empire. Bala Hatun always encouraged Osman Bey by his side.

Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy played Osman Bey’s second wife Malhun Hatun in the series. Malhun Hatun was Omar Bey’s daughter. Malhun Hatun was excellent as the mother. Hence she is called the mother of the Ottoman Empire. He was a fighter. When Osman Bey was on the battlefield, he managed everything in the empire. Then if it was necessary to fight, he would fight. She was the mother of Sultan Orhan, the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Malhun Hatun had many more children. His character in the series is loved by all.

Ruzgar Aksoy plays as Turgut Bey, a close friend of Osman Ber in the series. Turgut Bey was very brave on the battlefield. Turgut Bay was a settlement bay. He handed over everything to Osman. He went out with all his soldiers in the great war. He always fought for the Da’wah of Ilahi Kalimatullah. His bravery was for one God. He lost many loved ones along the way. He never regretted it. Because he never forgot that martyrs never die.

Berik Aitzhanov played the role of Naiman, one of Osman Ber’s enemies in the series. Naiman was a traitor who rebelled against the Mongols and dreamed of a new empire. When Ghazan Khan becomes the head of the Mongol Empire, Naiman betrays himself to become the head and wants to establish a state on the border. and wants to be the head of the Mongols. He entered into enmity with Osman Bey to occupy the border. His character is well portrayed in the series. And has been very well received by the audience.

Kan Ulchan played the role of Oktem Bey, one of Osman Bey’s associates in the series. Oktem Bey was the Bey of Kargin settlement. And Osman Bey nephew Aktemur Ber wife’s father. In the series, he is initially antagonistic to Osman Bey, but later becomes Osman Bey’s ally. He initially went down the wrong path at the suggestion of his wife. But he slowly realizes that he has become a hypocrite due to his wife’s bad advice. Then he repented and returned to Osman. And gave his daughter in marriage to Osman Bey’s nephew Aktemur.

Deniz Hamzaglo played the role of Baindir Bey, another associate of Osman Bey in the series. Baindir Bey was the Bey of Chabundur settlement. He was a skilled businessman. He was very good at business diplomacy. He was also a fighter on the battlefield. In the series, he is initially antagonistic to Osman Bey, but later becomes Osman Bey’s ally.

He initially joined hands with the hypocrites for the greed of wealth. Then when he saw that the disbelievers were more wealthy than the hypocrites, he joined hands with them. In this way he betrayed everyone one by one. But later when he is very close to death, he realizes how wrong he is going. Then he repented and became an associate of Osman. And he displayed great bravery from then on.

Taha Boran Ozbek played the role of Osman Bey’s nephew Aktemur in the series. Aktemur is the son of Gunduz Bey. For Aktemur’s bravery, his uncle Osman Bey made him the head of the army. Then he became the bey of Kargin with his merits. He married Al Chichik Hatun, daughter of Oktem Bey. And he always fought by Osman Bey’s side. And his mother Ayesha Hatun i.e. Gunduj Bey’s wife was always proud of her son.

Deniz Barut played the role of Osman Bey’s rival as Ismihan Sultan in the series. Ismihan Sultan was the mother of the great Seljuk Sultan, Sultan Alauddin. Ismihan Sultan portrayed the negative character very well in the series. Ismihan Sultan was very arrogant. He made his son Alauddin the Sultan with his diplomatic acumen. and the Seljuk Empire gained power. Instead of putting this power to good use, he uses it with hypocrites and disbelievers. And Osman Bey rises to finish.

Nihat Altinkaya played the role of Osman Beys Enemy as Olof in the series. Olof was the leader of the Vikings. His army was very strong. And the dress of his army was very terrible. Their weapons were very different. And Nihat Altinkaya, the actor who plays Olof, has portrayed himself very well in the series. He fought alongside Naiman and Ismihan Sultan on the border to finish off Osman Bey.

Ipek Karapinar plays as Frigg, Olof’s love interest in the series, she is known to the audience for her various gestures. He always accompanies Olof. And he does spy duties very well.

Hakan Yılmaz played the role of Kantakozenos, the nemesis of Osman Bey in the series. Kantakogenos was a Byzantine commander. and future emperor of the Byzantines. Who came to finish off the Turks on the border. Together with Olof, Osman wanted to end. But he failed in this, instead Osman Bey severed his head from his body.

Hakan Yufkasigil plays Tekfur Valens or Mujalon, another enemy of Osman Bey in the series. Tekfur Valens was the ruler of Bursa. Before that he was a brave commander of the Byzantines, then his name was Muzalon. She acted very efficiently in the series. He plays very well. And in the last battle of the Bosphorus, he engaged with Osman Bey with a large force, but was defeated there.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 was overall very interesting to the viewers. This season had more action than other seasons. The audience liked this season very much. So everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season 5

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When will upload kurulus Osman season 5 new Episode?

Answer: Every Wednesday new episode will air on the Turkish TV channel ATV in october 2023 We will publish with English subtitles within 4 hours of releasing the episode.

How many seasons will be in Kurulus Osman?

Answer: it may be 7 seasons in Kurulus Osman.

How can download Kurulus Osman’s English subtitles?

Answer: It is so easy to download Kurulus Osman English subtitles from Kayifamilyuk.com. go to our site, and visit Kurulus Osman’s English subtitles page. here you can see the download option. Click the download option and it will start.

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Answer: We are giving more opportunities to watch Kurulus Osman online. Go to the Episode, you will find a video player, just click on the play button it will play online.

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