Kurulus Osman 121

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles


Episode 120 At the beginning of the episode, a battle scene with Mongol forces is shown. Where the Mongol army had more troops. Then he attacked Osman Bey relying on Allah. While the war was going on, once Osman Ber’s army began to rise up They got tired of fighting in front of such a huge force.

Just then Turgut Bey joined his forces This made the Mongol army weak very quickly. All the members of the Mongol army died. Even their commander Talut was killed by Osman Bey himself. Thus Osman Bey and his alps were saved from this trouble.

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, after Osman Bey escaped from Naiman, Naiman tried to trap Orhan Bey. So Naiman comes to Ineshihar dressed as a dervish. Orhan sees Bey alone and grabs him. Then Orhan asked Bey to come to their camp for his hand full of chefs.

Orhan Bey and Hand accept her word to fully recover from this condition. Orhan Bey explains everything to Osman Bey Osman Bey gave him permission. As a result, Orhan Bey voluntarily went to Naiman. Orhan Ber started treating the hand and after some time he fell unconscious. However, he soon regained consciousness.

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles

Then Savsi Bey and Bynder came out to listen to Naiman. Naiman understands this. Then Orhan Bey fled from there and moved to Ineshihar. When Orhan Bey was speaking these words to Osman Bey, Osman Bey asked him 2 questions. First wants to know, Son, how did you escape from there?

Orhan Bey says I escaped by hiding in a cargo van. In the second question, Osman Bey wants to know whether there were any soldiers to guard you. In response, Orhan Bey said no, there was no one. left me alone Osman Bey heard this reply and realized it was a trap. Tomorrow there will be a trap in the white tree they are talking about The next day, Naiman left the white space early.

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles kayifamily

They wait there from behind. But Osman Bey wrote a letter there and attached it to the tree. When Osman Bey did not arrive after a long wait, Naiman’s eyes turned to the letter. Then Naiman realizes that Osman Bey will not come. So he angrily leaves.

Ismihan Sultan learns that Bindar is working with Naiman. So he wants to kill Bynder Bey. But Osman Bey asked him to refrain from doing that. Because he wants to trap Osman Bey Naiman with this binder. So Ismihan requested the Sultan not to kill Baindar Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles kayifamily tv

Naiman conspired to assassinate Sultan Alauddin at Konya Prasad with the Vizier Savsi. Ismihan Sultan was very scared after hearing this news. So he quickly left for Konya. Osman Bey sent Bala Hatun and Bajian with him to Konya. The Sultan’s palace is filled with Mongol troops. So Osman Bey advises them to be careful there.

Naiman was enraged when Osman Bey did not approach the white tree and prepared to attack Ineshihar. And this Osman Bey can already understand because Naiman will succumb to his anger. Osman Bey, therefore, placed traps around the entrance to Inesihar so that Naiman’s troops, once in Inesihar, could not get out.

Osman Bey left gunpowder in various places in Ine┼čihar. Keeps the drum filled with hot oil. So that it is easier to kill Naiman’s soldiers. Hides the archers a bit behind. So that Naiman’s troops could easily enter Ineshihar When Naiman’s forces entered Ineshihar, they were first killed by arrows.

They were then killed by pouring hot oil on their bodies. Then when they tried to escape, they were killed with ammunition In this way the entire army was killed at Ineshihar. When the news reached Naiman, Naiman was devastated.

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles

A license to trade, or seal, is obtained from Binder Bey Naiman. Who will give this seal to his brother Talut. He will give him a special seal. He was given the opportunity to trade on the condition that Naiman would have to pay for it. When Osman Bey learned of this news, Turgut Bey was sent to teach Baynder Bey how to do it. Turgut Bey takes a position in a secret place.

He attacked when Byndar’s caravan was passing that way. Turgut Bey then defeated Bynder Bey and forced him to accept the terms. Now it remains to be seen whether Byndar will really accept the terms. Or will he be a hypocrite again with Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles

When Bala Hatun and Ismihan Sultan entered the palace, Vizier Savsi ambushed them. So Bala Hatun and Ismihan Sultan separated. Then they were attacked by Wazir Savsi’s forces. Meanwhile, Naiman offered to fight alone with Osman Ber to avenge his defeat at Ine┼čihar. Osman Bey also agreed to that proposal. And this episode ends with this scene

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