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Kurulus Osman Episode 123 English Subtitles

Assalamu Alaikum, hope everyone is well, We hope you have watched the second trailer of Kurulus Osman Volume 122, the trailer was full of action and suspense. In this video,

We will try to briefly analyze Kurulus Usman Volume 122 based on the second trailer inshallah. So make sure to watch this short but important video till the end, and if you are new to our channel, make sure to subscribe to the channel and ring the bell icon next to it.

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 123 English Subtitles

As you can see in the trailer, the Mongols attacked both Yenisehi’s fortress and Osman Bey’s base. According to the information, this is the work of Ismihan Sultana, as we have already said in my previous videos Ismihan Sultana wants to present Osman Bey defeated and badly in front of Ghazan Khan and Sultan Alauddin.

Ismihan also wanted to prevent Sultana Usman Bey from winning. Ismihan Sultana will take all measures to defeat Usman Bey at any cost, so he wants to steal Ghazan Khan’s seal from Usman Bey to overthrow Usman Bey’s and attack his base to stop Usman Bey’s victory and Ismihan Sultana will get help from Mongols for this. Bayender Bey will help Ismihan Sultana with all these tasks.

Kayifamily tv Kurulus Osman Episode 123 English Subtitles

You can also see in the trailer, Ismihan Sultana is fighting the Mongols in disguise, according to the information this fight will be to help Commander Naiman escape.

Because in the previous episode, we saw that Ghazan Khan’s commander Usman is coming out, and meanwhile the battle between Usman Bey and Commander Naiman is starting, in the middle of their fight, Ghazan Khan’s commander will come and capture Commander Naiman,

So in such a situation, Ismihan Sultana wants to free Commander Naiman at any cost, because in the eyes of Ghazan Khan and Sultan Alauddin, Usman Ber’s victory cannot be allowed to succeed, and Ismihan Sultana knows that Usman Ber has Ghazan Khan’s seal, we are in the trailer. I saw Ismihan Sultana saying that the seal must be taken at any cost, so Ismihan Sultana will do whatever it takes to steal it.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 123 English Subtitles

Ismihan Sultana wants to protect Commander Naiman to get his support and help from the Mongol forces, so that Ismihan Sultana can raid Osman Ber’s lands, as a result, we see in the trailer that Osman Ber Ghats and Forts are heavily attacked, as we hear Commander Naiman say in the trailer. , Osman’s base and the citadel of Yenisehi are on fire, but Osman Bey replies, “This fire will consume you,

This means that Osman may have a plan against Commander Naiman. But it is expected that Osman Bey may face a huge loss in Kurulus Osman Episode 112, as all the great enemies of Osman Bey will be united and he will have to fight against all of them alone, according to the information, the time is not far when Sultan Masud will ascend the throne. And all the treachery of Ismihan Sultana will end.

Kurulus Osman Episode 123 English Subtitles

According to other information, if Ismihan Sultana continues this betrayal, what will be Osman Ber’s plan? According to the information, Osman Bey Ismihan will make a serious plan to inform Ghazan Khan about Sultana’s betrayal. You know that Sultan Masudi is under the shelter of Osman Bey, he is waiting for a better moment.

Also, Ghazan Khan being a Muslim must have wanted to help Osman Bey by deposing Sultan Alauddin and placing Sultan Masud on the throne. Then the reign of Ismihan Sultana will end. Another update, Claudius aka Omar,

Kurulus Osman Episode 123 English Subtitles

A character loved by Dirilis lovers, the actor recently visited Al Aqsa Mosque, and he says, gained a lot of Qudsi knowledge from hereā€¦ Many prophets were here and there are many stories and many lessons to be learned, love Al Aqsa. That’s it for today, see you soon for a new video, thanks.

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