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Kurulus Osman Episode 127 With English Subtitles

At the beginning of the volume, Ismihan summons Sultan Naiman to the Seljuk palace, and he arrives and spoils Osman Bey’s plans. Osman n Bey was eventually stripped and captured by the enemy. All were imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Sultan Alauddin Usman came out from hiding and asked the reason for such rebellion. Osman Bey said that he did this for the sake of truth and to end the wrongdoers. That night, in the morning, everyone was organized in the courtyard of the palace and taken to be killed.

Basically, Ismihan wanted everyone to see this death, so that no one would revolt. And the name that Osman Bey has is completely gone. So Ismihan, instead of killing him immediately, planned to kill him in front of the people and in front of the big commanders. Osman Bey and Sultan Masud were brought before the executioners to be executed on Ismihan’s orders in the presence of all, Osman Bey and Sultan Masud recited the shahadat in Kalema before their last breath.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 127 With English Subtitles

When Bala Hatun and Esrigun Hatun appear, Esrigun Hatun is Ghazan Khan’s spiritual daughter, and his best commander. Originally, before coming here, Osman Bey sent a letter to Ghazan Khan, in which he detailed the situation. Therefore, Ghazan Khan sent Esrigun Hatun, his daughter’s equivalent, here. Yabala Hatun and Esrigun Hatun came and rescued Osman Bey.

And meanwhile two soldiers of Kurkmaz, a commander loyal to Sultan Masud, had already put small hidden knives into their hands. With which they cut the barrier and attack the field. Osman Bey fought with an ax in this battle. It looked amazing. And this time Osman Bey won with the enemies and defeated the enemies very well. And with the help of the orders of Osman Bey and Ghazan Khan, Sultan Masud ascended the throne of the Seljuks.

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 127 With English Subtitles

But Sultan Masud wanted to give all the strength of the Seljuks to Osman Bey, so he promised to send many weapons and shells to Osman Bey. As the Seljuk commanders advanced towards the frontier with artillery and arms from Konya, the forces of Naiman and Tekfur Valens overran it, making it difficult for Osman to attack the fortress of Kaprihisa, as he was waiting for help, as soon as help arrived. About Tina’s Kaprihisa attack. But Usman Bey gathered his determined troops and attacked the fort and cornered the soldiers and killed the commander of the fort.

Meanwhile, while Osman Bey was in Konya, Bursa attacked Tekfur’s border settlements one by one. Bursa Tekfu attack on Kargin settlement. Where countless oppressed were injured and killed. Osman Bey’s nephew Aktemur was badly injured. But with the skillful treatment of Kumral Abdal, Aktemur came back from the danger of death.

Kayifamily tv Kurulus Osman Episode 127 With English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Sultan Alauddin, Naiman, Ismihan, Tekfur Valens, they plan together, and Ismihan Sultan and Sultan Alauddin leave Naiman’s headquarters saying that he will return with a bloodthirsty army.

When Usman Bey returned from Konya, he received good news from Malhun Hatun, that Malhun Hatun was pregnant, meaning that Osman Bey was going to be a father again. Osman Bey, he said: I get a lot of news but I am not happy with anything like this.

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