Kurulus Osman Episode 160 in English

Kurulus Osman Episode 160 in English


Today’s episode was about the story of Osman Ber building a platform to implement big plans. We will discuss some special topics in today’s episode:

Slaughter of the Franks: King of France sends 2,000 soldiers to help crusade against Osman Ber. In this situation, the French soldiers under the leadership of Imran Tegin were all coming to Osman Ber land after crossing the sea. Osman Bey killed one of the soldiers sent at the head of this army and gathered all the information from their commander. After that, the rest of the soldiers wait for hope to get trapped

Status of Holofia Hatun: Osman Bey asks Holofia to play Death because, through this, Osman Bey wants to know the relationship between Holofia’s aunt and Imran Tegin. Imran Tegin sends the news to Holofia’s aunt through a female spy. Holofia’s aunt Olivia, sitting in Osman Ber’s palace, tries to conspire against Osman Ber. Olivia poisons Ayesha Hatun instead of Elchim Hatun. But he hangs Holofia. Thus, Osman Ber began to create unrest in the palace.

Olivia’s Plot: Holofia Hatun’s aunt frees Olivia from Osman Bey’s captivity. Then they started wandering around the settlement Olivia started plotting against Osman Ber A dumb woman started working to deliver Imran Tegin’s message to Osman Ber Basti. Olivia kills the female spy working to deliver Imran Tegin’s message.

Although Imran Tegin had orders to kill her, Olivia Hatun blames Holofia and thinks she will survive. Osman Bey kept trying to find out about Imran Tegin’s trap through him

Orhan is out: Orhan Bey Elchim agrees to marry Hatun due to family pressure and the state’s interests. After asking Holofia Hatun to play Osman Bey’s death, Orhan Bey could not find out more about her Since then, Orhan Bey has been looking at the night sky with a lot of indifference. When Orhan Ber saw this situation, his father, Osman Bey, consoled him. Orhan Bey assured his father that he would always try to accept any decision in the state’s interest.

Osman Ber planned to conquer new mountains and eliminate the Mongols from Turkish lands. This plan involved countering the Yaqub Ber conspiracy and annexing more provinces under his independent Beylik. There are currently 6/7 small Turkish settlements behind Osman Ber. However, their number of Alps and horses is not very high. Osman Bey gave them gold coins for their economic cooperation and small numbers.

Alliance with Imran Tegin: When Osman Bey learned that a large Catalan force was coming from the Funsis. They will all fight against Osman Ber. At this time, Osman Bey planned to kill the Fansis and put the blame on the Catalans. This made Imran Tegin very angry. Osman Bey went to his fortress, Atranos, to join forces with Imran Tegin. There, Osman discussed an alliance with Imran Tegin, who was furious when Imran Tegin learned that the Catalans had attacked the Fanci.

Osman Bey then offered him that Osman Bey would help him in the war with the Catalans, and for that, Osman Bey gave Imran Tegin 2 conditions. Osman Bey then made him a condition to prevent the Crusaders from entering Osman’s lands and to unite with him and fight on his behalf. Imran Tegin accepts Osman Ber’s terms and joins forces against the Catalans. Uraj Bey talks to Imran Tegin in front of the fortress at Atranos.

Atranos asked him to leave the fortress and invite the great Kalima Uraj Bey, warned Imran Tegin and threatened to continue the siege of the fort. In consultation with everyone, Osman Bey began to take steps to conquer the Kita mountain during the siege of the Atranos fortress. Emperor Andrenikos became angry with Osman Ber because Holofera’s aunt had conveyed the wrong message to the emperor. Emperor Andrenikos sent his army along with other forces under the command of Imran Tegin. It remains to be seen how they face the Catalans in the next phase

Kurulus Osman Information:

  • Type: TV series
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Broadcast: Thursdays at 20:00 (Turkiye)
  • Producers: Mehmet Bozdağ
  • Licensors: ATV Studios: Bozdağ Film
  • Genres: Historical, Drama, Action
  • Duration: 140 minutes

Kurulus Osman Episode 160 in English

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