Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı in English

Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı with English Subtitles

A New Turkish Historical Drama Set to Captivate Audiences

History buffs and fans of Turkish dramas rejoice! A brand new historical series titled “Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı” (Mehmed: The Conqueror Sultan) is set to premiere on February 27th, 2024, promising to transport viewers back to the Ottoman era and chronicle the life and conquests of the legendary Sultan Mehmed II.

A Glimpse into the Series: The series will delve into the life of Mehmed II, also known as Mehmed the Conqueror, who ascended the Ottoman throne at a young age and went on to become one of the most significant figures in Ottoman history. Renowned for his military prowess and strategic brilliance, Mehmed II led the Ottomans to conquer Constantinople in 1453, marking a pivotal moment in world history.

What to Expect: “Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı” promises to be a visually stunning and captivating drama, filled with action, political intrigue, and emotional depth. The series will not only showcase the epic battles and conquests of Mehmed II, but also explore his personal life, relationships, and the challenges he faced as a young ruler.

Mehmed: The Conqueror Sultan

Production and Cast: The series is produced by Es Film, known for their successful historical dramas like “Dirilis Ertugrul” and “Kurulus: Osman.” The cast features talented actors like Selim Bayraktar, who will portray the titular role of Mehmed II, alongside Fikret Kuskan and a stellar supporting cast.

Generating Excitement: With its captivating historical setting, promising storyline, and talented cast, “Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı” has already generated significant buzz among fans of Turkish dramas. The trailer, released recently, offers a glimpse into the grandeur of the production and the intensity of the narrative, leaving viewers eager for the premiere.

Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı

Conclusion:Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı” is poised to be a must-watch for anyone interested in Ottoman history, Turkish dramas, or simply captivating historical fiction. With its promise of action, intrigue, and emotional depth, the series is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.

Additional Points of Interest: The series will be filmed in various locations, including the Nour Cinema City Plateau in Iran, known for its historical setting.
The series is expected to run for multiple seasons, allowing for a deeper exploration of Mehmed II’s life and reign.
Fans can expect to find more information and updates about the series on the official social media channels and websites of the production company and broadcaster.
So, mark your calendars for February 27th and prepare to be enthralled by the epic story of Mehmed the Conqueror in “Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı!

Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı season 1 with English Subtitles


Action & Adventure show by Kayifamily TV
Action & Adventure show by Kayifamily TV
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