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Nuruddin Zengi: Ancestor of Salahuddin Eyyubi

Nuruddin Zengi life Story

The last ruler of the militant dynasty of Turkey, a visionary of the revival of Baitul Muqaddas, Nuruddin Abul Qasim Mahmud ibn Imaduddin Zengi (February 1118 – 15 May 1174), was a Turkic origin Zengi dynasty ruler. He ruled the Syrian province of the Seljuk Empire from 1146 to 1174 AD. He ruled from 1146 to 1174. He is considered an important figure in the Second Crusade.

Who Was Nuruddin Zengi?

Nur Uddin Militant was martyred on May 15, 1174 in Damascus, Syria. He ruled Syria under the Seljuk Empire from 1146-1174. His father’s name is Imad Uddin Militant. After his father’s murder, Noor Uddin and his elder brother Saif Uddin divided the empire between themselves and Noor Uddin assumed the rulership of Aleppo. He was born in 1118 AD.

Note that Nur Uddin’s father was a strong opponent of the Crusaders in Syria and was killed as part of this. Nur al-Din attacked the Crusader stronghold of the Principality of Antioch and captured several strongholds in Syria. He soon entered into an alliance with his northern Iraqi neighbors to strengthen Muslim power.

Later he defeated the crusades of Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany. Under his leadership, the Muslim forces routed the Crusaders at the Battle of Inay. In 1150 he finally defeated Jocelyn II.

Nur-ud-Din’s constant efforts were to unite all the Muslims between the Euphrates and the Nile against the Crusaders. After the conquest of Egypt, it was Nur Uddin’s dream to unite the Muslim states and recapture Baitul Muqaddas for the Muslims, for which he spent his entire life in Jihad.

Later his dream was ended by his beloved Sagared Sultan Salah Uddin Ayyuubi. Unable to defeat him in battle, the Crusaders secretly poisoned his food with slow-poison so that he fell ill and died a martyr’s death. He was the guardian of Sultan Salah al-Din Ayyubi, the conqueror of Jerusalem and the proud mastermind of the Crusades, who brought Ayyubi to the field of jihad.

Sultan Nuruddin Zangi Rahmatullahi Alaihi is hailed all over the world for another incident. The fact is that two Jewish abductors conspired to hide the blessed body of the Prophet (PBUH) by excavating the soil from a distance at Rawza Sharif in Madinah Monawara.

Sultan Nuruddin Mahmud was informed about this conspiracy by the Prophet (PBUH) in a dream. Distraught and enraged, he hastened to Madinah with an army and caught the two conspirators red-handed and immediately killed them and set their bodies on fire. Various histories have full details of this event. This happened in 555 AH.

Christians conspired to attack Mecca and Medina by sea during the reign of Ghazi Sultan Salah al-Din Ayyubid (which was the back story of the historic ‘Hittite’ war). Making the movement of Muslims by sea dangerous, capturing many, looting caravans of Hajis, killing many. The aggressive activities of the Christian Crusaders are also recorded in history. Watch now series and movies

Finally Rasul (SAW) casted Rawza Mubarak with lead till very low. He also has an immortal memory of numerous deeds of welfare and philanthropy in Islam. Baitul Maqdis of his dreams and Ayyub’s sweat and Mujahid’s Lahur Nazrana. Today the Jews occupy that Baitul Muqaddas. The plight of countless Muslim girls in Syria is not unknown to anyone. Today there is a dearth of brave mujahids like Nurul Din. Read more articles

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