Kurulus Osman 108

Kurulus Osman 108 English Subtitles

Attack on Headquarters:- Olof and his army attacked Osman’s headquarters, burning all the slings and weapons of osman. Bala Hatun and Uthman’s nearby Alpes failed to save the headquarters despite their best efforts but somehow managed to save their lives.

Diplomacy of Ismihan Sultana:- Ismihan Sultana knew that Osman had built the headquarters, and he himself planned with Binder to destroy Osman’s headquarters.
And after he destroyed it, he informed Osman that the headquarters had been attacked, asking Osman from whom did you get the permission to build the headquarters? Then Osman said, “I have taken permission from Allah, to tell the truth, such a thing is very happy for a person who loves Islam“, this moment seemed to be the most beautiful moment of Episode 107.

However, Osman’s dream will form a state, in his dream, such a sultanate is not a big deal, and nothing can stop those who work for Allah, in the path of Allah, Osman Bey stood firmer.

Abduction of Aktemur: When Bingi Hatun learns that his daughter will run away with Aktemur, Takhm contrives to belittle Aktemur to Al-Chichek, his plan is to have Aktemur while Al-Chichek waits for Aktemur. By kidnapping Al-Chichek to convince Aktemur that Aktemur does not love him, Bingi Hatun succeeds in his plan, but Binda betrays Aktemur to Olof.



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