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The episode was packed with excitement. At the beginning of the episode, Mangal goes out to find Commander Samagar Osman Bey and Sultan Masud. Osman Bey and the Sultan fled and took refuge in a cave. To confuse the Mars, the Alpers wore the horse’s hooves upside down. But Samagar realizes the poison and finds Sultan. He shot an arrow at the Sultan from a distance. Then a fight broke out between Mangal and Osman Ber Alp. Osman Bey escaped safely with Sultan Masud. Samagar flees as all the Martian soldiers die.

Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun got into a dispute in Ineshihar. Because Bengi Hatun asked Bala Hatun for ekvan khad (ration) which Malhun refused to give. Bala Hatun did not settle the dispute with Malhun Hatun and went to Shaykh Edeb Ali to calm his heart.

But this whole thing was a play arranged by Malhun and Bala. So that Walid Sultan was confused. Bengi Hatun told this incident to Ismihan Sultan. Ismihan Sultan then believed that the fire of jealousy was burning inside Bala and Malhun.

Shaykh Edeb Ali Turgut went out. Urged Turgut Bey to forget the violence and protect the land of the Turks. Then Turgut Bey responded to the call and called a meeting of the Vedas of Qaluzaisar in Karajaisar. All come together to seek cooperation from all to protect Turkish land.

Osman Bey took the arrow out of Sultan Masud’s back and asked him to take him to a safe place. He was taken to the dargah of Sheikh Edeb Ali. When Sultan Masud was being taken to the dargah in a van full of apples. Seljuk soldiers searched the vans as they entered the Sogut market. Sultan Masud was almost captured. Shaykh Edeb Ali then asked the soldiers to take apples to eat And in this way Sultan took Masud to the secret room inside the Darga.

Meanwhile, Ismihan Sultan became angry with the Wolof people because of Malhun Hatun’s seizure of food supplies. Ismihan Sultan kept Konur Alp locked in a dark well and started torturing him. Osman asks Kanur to find out about the secret places, but he says that even if he is killed, he will not say anything.

When Sultan Masud recovers a bit, Osman Bey wants to know how to rein in Ismihan Sultan’s power. The Sultan then said that the main source of power was a seal. The theft of this seal was entrusted to Bala Hatun. Ismihan organized a meeting of Veda’s wives at Sultan’s invitation.

In that meeting, Ismihan Sultan was rendered unconscious by using an anesthetic in food At this opportunity, Bala Hatun took the seal hidden in Sultana’s waist. With the help of this seal, Osman Bey took back the fort that had been taken from him.

Osman went to Bey Olof and showed him a letter bearing the seal of Ismihan Sultan. The Roman commander then tells Olof that this is the order of the Ismihan Sultan. So Olof is forced to accept it. Olof is very disappointed when he comes to Sultana and Sultana realizes why the seal was stolen from him.

Meanwhile, Osman Ber and Turgut Bey’s mind dirt still remain.

Turgut Bey informs Ismihan Sultan of Masud’s location. In return, he asked to give him 120 horses and swords. Ismihan Sultan kept his promise. After hearing this news, Ismihan summoned Sultan Samagar. And with this news, he ordered to kill of Osman and Sultan Masud. When Samagar arrived there with his troops, Osman Bey attacked and cut off Samagar’s head in a bag and sent it to Ismihan Sultan.

Bengi Hatun learned about these tricks of Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun from Alchechik’s assistant Ayesha. Bengi Hatun reported the matter to Ismihan Sultan. Watch Urdu Subtitles

Bynder Bey cheats on Osman Bey once again to pay for his betrayal. Bynder Bey asks his assistant Hussain to hit him so that his body shows bruises. Osman Bey should believe him. Osman Bey gave him one last chance. Osman Bey asks Bynder Bey to do something to make him believe. That is he has to get Kanur Alp out of prison. Bynder Bey agreed to this.

Ismihan sultan was angry with Bala Hatun and raided the dargah When this news reached Ineshihar everyone, including Osman Bey, sat down to dinner At that time, Bala Hatun along with Osman Bey stood up. Meanwhile, Sultan Alauddin in Konya ordered preparations to depart for the border area with a large army. This episode ends with this scene. Watch more



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