Kurulus Osman 129

Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles


The episode begins with a special meeting against Osman Ber. All the Tekfurs and commanders from around the Tekfur Valence’s fortress come. With the fort of Kropruhisa out of reach there, everyone is called to discuss the next steps in detail. Techfur’s valence alerts all nearby Techfur and commanders.

Ordered them to strengthen the security of the fort Osman Bey returned to Ineşihar with his army after conquering the fort of Kropruhisar. On the way, they asked all the soldiers who will be the next fort?

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles

Then only Alauddin Bey could give the correct answer and the rest continued to speak like themselves. Then suddenly an arrow was shot in front of Osman Ber. He then asks everyone to be quiet. Then he says this arrow does not belong to any enemy. So do not be afraid. Then Osman Bey was blindfolded and taken away by white bearded men.

The White Beards served as a Seljuk spy organization. They want to know Osman Ber’s next aim. Tekfur informs him that Valens’ army is coming. A ruthless general is coming as the head of the army. Some such secret messages are given to Osman Bey. After knowing all these things, Osman elaborated on his next steps.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles

Isrigan Hatun went to visit the market of Ineshihar. Everyone wants to know about Osman Ber. While everyone spoke well of Osman Ber, Esrigan Hatun started speaking against Osman Ber.

Malhun Hatun comes from behind and stops Esrigan Hatun. Malhun Hatun asks him not to talk about Osman Ber. When talking about Esrigan Hatun, Malhun Hatun says it’s his territory, everything is done according to his rules. So people can’t be made angry against Osman Ber here.

Olgen Hatun and his relationship with Cherkutai Alp are still strained. Now the main obstacle between them is Olga Hatun’s mother. He will not marry his daughter to a madman.

In truth, Olgen Hatun’s mother still does not understand how talented Cherkutai is. Osman Bey sent him on various important missions. Cherkutai’s simple Olga Hatun thinks her mother is stupid. So Cherkutai does not want to marry her

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles

Meanwhile Ismihan plans to kidnap Alchechik to teach Sultan Bengi Hatun. Al Chechik was attacked when he was on his way from Ineshihar to his own settlement in a sick body with the news of his child.

Ismihan Sultan’s troops led the attack Luckily, Alchechik escaped. But the rest of his soldiers all died. As Alchechik was already pregnant, she was weak. So he hides himself behind a tree. A soldier goes to the settlement and reports that Ismihan has kidnapped Sultan Alchechik.

Bengi Hatun gets restless after hearing this news. Bengi Hatun blames Ismihan Sultan for the girl. When Aktemur Bey finds out that his wife is missing, he also goes crazy. Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun comforted them.

Ismihan Sultan then sent a message asking Bengi Hatun to meet in a secret place. Then Bengi Hatun told Osman Bey about this message. By this, Osman Bey managed to trap Ismihan Sultan. Then Malhun brought Hatun Ismihan Sultan captive. Aktemur and family members enter the deep forest to find Alchechik.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles

Finally, Alchechik was rescued from the river bank in a very serious condition. After arresting Malhun Hatun, Esrigun Hatun asked Malhun Hatun to hand him over to him. Malhun Hatun informs him that it is not possible. After receiving Alchechik Hatun, he will be given to Esrigun Hatun Meanwhile, Techfur Valance has renewed its alliance with Naiman.

He built an army base. Where the Tekfurs kept sending troops from different places. Osman Bey asked his two sons to prepare more for the war. Osman Bey gave both sons a job. Both of them are asked to find the knife from the body. Orhan Bey managed to find 2 knives, Alauddin Bey 2 more.

Then Osman Bey took out 4 more knives from his own body. Osman Bey teaches to hide the knife inside the body. Then learns how to attack someone from a distance without sound. Osman Bey teaches the boys new war tactics to realize his dreams.

Osman then asked to shoot the arrow at a target far away. Alauddin Orhan No one can do that. Then Osman Bey took them by the hand and taught them. Thus Orhan Bey and Alauddin went out on a secret mission after training. There were only four people in this group.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 With English Subtitles

Orhan Bey Alauddin Bey Osman Bey and Boran Bey. With these four, Osman Bey started to face a huge army At first Alauddin and Orhan Bey separated. Osman Bey and Boran Alp continued to fight him. At one stage Naiman’s forces captured Alauddin and Orhan.

Then Naiman tells Osman Bey “Osman your boys will die in front of you today. Then Tekfur valence Osman ber wants to kill the boys Osman Bey says let them go capture me. The episode ends with this difficult situation and exciting moment.




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