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At the center of the unfolding events of the Turkish series is a little girl named Masal. He had a beloved mother, Shirin, who constantly told her daughter about her dreams. This is how Masal lived from an early age. Only everything led to such a result that due to certain events, the main character of Taçsız Prenses began to develop a completely different worldview.

The heroine is trapped in a very cold and realistic world, so this doesn’t reflect well in her overall future life. The ordinary life of the protagonist of the Turkish series “Princess without a Crown” begins to change after her mother has suffered a heart attack. The woman ends up in the hospital, and there the girl has to come to terms with the real world that seemed so strange and alien to her. Watch more

Turkish Drama Tacsiz Prenses with English Subtitles

Then Masal began to understand that in reality, everything is not as beautiful in life as his mother used to say. Masal could never get anything right, no matter how hard he tried. This circumstance made her an angry and very irritable person. The main character of the Turkish series “The Uncrowned Princess” was completely unprepared for such a turn of events.

Tacsiz Prenses with English Subtitles

Evgin was a masala teacher and was the first person who immediately came to her aid. She does everything to end those fairy tales that Masala’s mother couldn’t end. Because that was the only way he could lead the girl back to a happy life. The man not only helps Masal but also other similar children who are in a similar situation. It will soon turn out that Evgin is actually not as happy as he tries to make it seem.

Tacsiz Prenses Series Cast:

Liya Su ElezAybüke
Ismail HaciogluEvgin
Sümeyye AydoganYagmur
Elif KurtuaranMasal
Tolga TekinFuat
Seda AkmanIstar
Mustafa KirantepeSahin
Feride ÇetinSirin
Zekiye Su AkyilAsistan doktor

Tacsiz Prenses – Masal is a 9-year-old girl who is like a diamond but had to struggle for life at a young age. Her biggest dream is for her heart-diseased mother, Sirin, to recover and live together again one day. But Masal’s treacherous stepfather Fuat spoils all plans, even though the whole world seems to be united against her, except for the new class teacher Evgin, Masal does not give up. She continues to fight for her mother. Finally, Sirin is discharged and Fuat returns for revenge, will a little girl be able to reunite with her mother? Can fairy tales come true? This is, Tacsiz Prenses (The Untamed Princess).

Fox TV series Tacsiz Prenses with English Subtitles

Serial: Tacsiz Prenses, Title in English: THE UNTAMED PRINCESS, Genre: Drama. Actors: Elif Kurtaran, Ismail Hacioglu, Duration: 124 minutes, Quality: FULL HD, Year: 2023. IMDb: 8.5/10

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