Teskilat Episode 70

Watch Teskilat Episode 70 With English Subtitles

Where did you find this picture? My brother Omer gave it to me. Mom, you know our picture in the hall, My brother Omer is the one who took it too. We are old… We are old acquaintances. So why didn’t you introduce me to him until today? Because I was out of the country. I have recently come. Brother Omer, what are you doing? Dear Yagmur, come on, finish your meal, come on, come on. I understood.

You catch bad guys like my mom. I will not tell anyone. It will stay between us. It will stay between us. She babbles like this all day. Her talk never ends. Ask me too! I live many, many more with this every single day. Mom, how did you meet my brother Omer? Dear Yagmur. It’s top secret, that’s why she doesn’t tell.
I promise not to tell anyone. Promise?

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Teskilat Episode 70 With English Subtitles



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