Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 English Subtitles-Kayifamily

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Kayifamily

Stabbing Alp Arsalan:- In the last episode, AlpArslan forbade Seferye Hatun and his father not to leave Vaspurakan, while Seferye Hatun was leaving Vaspurakan when AlpArsalan tried to stop him.

He deliberately stabbed Alp Arsalan because Seferye wanted to marry AlpArslan. No, Seferiye Hatun basically wants to do one thing by stabbing, that is to prevent AlpArslan from marrying.
Alp Arsalan is not giving up without getting married.

To decorate the Vaspurakan:-

Seljan Hatun, Akinay Ana, and Shaikh Al Beruni are taking the lead to rebuild Vaspurakan, churches will be converted into mosques, and new mosques will be built. It is not possible to explain how proud it is for a Muslim to capture a fort from the infidels and build a mosque there. Ah, getting back to the golden age of Muslims is now a dream for us, and that dream may remain a dream.

Shaykh al-Biruni:-

One thing has to be said with sadness, our Muslims are completely stupid about the history of our great people. Shaikh Al-Biruni His real name is Abu Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni, abbreviated as Al-Biruni. Born: approximately 973, died: 1050 Hijri.
He was born in present-day Uzbekistan.

He was well versed in mathematics, astrophysics, chemistry, and natural sciences. Also an impartial analyst of geographers, historians, almanacs, philosophers and medical sciences, linguists, and theology. Recognized as the greatest of the age for independent thinking, open mind, courage, fearless critic, ism, and correct opinion.

The advice of Haje Nizamul Mulak:

Alp Arsalan’s teacher Nizamul Mulak always gave him good and bad advice, when Seferye stabbed Alp Arsalan, he still did not forget to give advice, he tells Alp Arsalan: It is not good to marry a girl who wants to kill you.

Oke Hatun Entry:-

We saw Inal Bey without his Hatun in the first season of AlpArslan but in the second season we saw his Hatun. The way her entry is portrayed as a girl shows that she is an important factor, but she does a great job. She becomes Yanal’s accomplice in evil deeds before taking the entry. And meanwhile, Inal Ber Desh Prem is true but he does not act without interest.

Knowing about Akcha:-

Sardar Alp is acting very well as a barber in season 2 like in season 1, when Seferiye Hatun Alp sees Arsalan’s horse sick and wants to raise his hand, Sardar Alp stops him, he says at one stage, you are very bad, you are like Akcha Hatun.

Not kind, now he became curious about Seferiye Hatun, Akcha Hatun, when he asked from Sardar Alp, he said, Akcha Hatun Alp Arsalan’s beloved, this place seems like that, Seferiye Hatun Alp made so many dramas saying that he would not marry Arsalan, that Seferiye Alp Arsalan is burning with jealousy when he finds out that he has a girlfriend. Finally, he learns that Akcha Hatun is dead. Then again it seems that Seferiye Hatun has recovered his lost camel in the desert.

Tekfur Gregor’s plan:

This plan is a common plan, seen before in Dirilis, Kurulus, Christian soldiers dressed in Turkish clothes attack someone to make it appear that it is the work of the Turks. Similarly, Tekfur Gregor dressed some of his soldiers in Turkish clothes and attacked several merchants, and Alp Arsalan was blamed for arresting one.But Alp Arsalan is innocent here. Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 English Subtitles online

Attack on Churmari Merchant Fort:

Tekfur Gregor had sent a cross from Ani Fort to Churmari Fort, which was to be hoisted in Churmari Fort, Alp Arsalan attacked and crashed inside the cross and saved the merchants’ goods.

Alp Arsalan slandered:

He is slandered for killing traders, a businessman at first claims that it is not true, it is the work of Tekfur, and when he is taken to testify, he blames it on Alp Arsalan again, his change shocks everyone…Alp Arsalan volume 29 is finished.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 English Subtitles



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