Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles online

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Alparslan Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Alparslan Season 2 English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 English Subtitles Review

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim

The episode begins with the harrowing sequence of the previous episode where we saw Alpagut being hanged and the mat removed from under his feet.

But at the beginning of this episode, our heartache is erased as Tekfur cuts the rope with his sword and frees Alpagut from the gallows, and orders him to be given good food and clothes.

After saving Alpagut from Tekfur’s Fasi, AlpArslan asks Tekfur “Do you want to wipe out all that is left of Kekavmenos?” Tekfur then says, “Do you know him?”

AlpArslan replies that he is one of the most valuable men in Kivamenos. Alpagut was sent to rescue Doukas when he was captured by me. But from him, I got Dukas back but “Alpagut” ran away.

Tekfur asks AlpArslan that “Wasn’t Alpagut there when Vasporakan fell?” Alp Arsalan replies that if he (Alpagut) was there, why is he here? After the victory, I searched everywhere to kill him but could not find him. Then AlpArslan wanted to buy Alpagut as a slave, but Tekkafur refused.

Zaran saw the knife he had taken to kill Gever and grabbed him. Then there was a conversation between Okhe Hatun and Zaran, and there the wife of Inal Bey said to Zaran, I do not know what rivalry there is between you. Why go to kill him?

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles online

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Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles on Netflix

Zaran shares his reasons for wanting to kill and his grief with Inal Bey’s wife (Okhehatun) and tells her that he is not only his rival but all the Seljuks are his enemies. Because both his father and his brother died fighting against the Seljuks.

He did not want to let Seferia become a Seljuk Hatun by any means. Then Khatun tells him that he also does not want Alp Arsalan’s marriage with Sepheriya and he will not tell anyone about this if he (Zarin) does as Hatun says.

Alp Arsalan went there on Tefur’s invitation but returned without taking any food and did not accept Tekfur’s offer. However, Tekfur Alp tries to win Arsalan’s heart by gifting him a Qur’an Sharif by Al Farabi. But even here it has a deep conspiracy because its ink is mixed with poison.

Chari Bey and Arsalan Youssef Bey talk about Seferia Hatun’s wedding arrangements and then Chari Bey tells Seferia Hatun that there will be no wedding but a banquet. And these gifts are for you. Think of them as your wedding gifts, accept them as such.

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Sepheriya Hatun then went out feigning illness and became very depressed. Arsalan Yusuf then proposed marriage to Chari Bey with a suitable arrangement in his honor and as the daughter’s father. But Chari Bey said Alp Arsalan did not agree to it yet. In response, Arsalan Yusuf said, “I will invite dignitaries from Bukhara to this wedding.”

Seferiya Hatun came to her room crying saying I will not marry this and become the wife of the Seljuks. I will not be imprisoned for life.

He then vandalized various pieces of furniture in his own room. She says when Zaran tries to calm her down “Tell me how can I calm down Zaran, I feel my homeland so much and miss my sister”

Zaran then says calm down, this marriage will not end everything for you but it is a good chance that Alp will be Arsalan’s wife. Then all doors will open in front of us. Then it would be much easier to finish off the Seljuks.

The merchant Rajen (Alp Arsalan’s spy) remained in Tekfur’s castle, but most of the other farmers turned their backs on Tekfur.

and when Alp approached Arsalan, Chari Bey promised to maintain all the privileges previously granted to them. One-third of the tax. and said that any loss of property would be compensated in Seljuk lands.

Alexander became very worried about Alp Arsalan’s future activities. He tells Plautius that if Alp Arsalan is not stopped, he will extend his arms to Anatolia. The most powerful thing on his battlefield is the superior breed of horses.

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 English Subtitles on Netflix

So he tells Plautius how to get this horse.
Plautius then brought a piece of new news that Sultan Tumrul Bey Alp had sent horses of the superior breed as a wedding present. which is kept for grazing in border areas. After hearing this, Alexander hatched a plan and went to the border area with Plautius to kidnap the horses.

Meanwhile, Alpagut manages to gain Tekfur’s trust and the emperor thinks he is really a Roman spy. Tekfur asks Alpagut you hate Turks, then why is your name Turkish? Alpagut replies that he is a Christian and hates the Turks’ religion and them.

Tekfur tests his knowledge and questions him on various subjects. Tekfur wants to know who will take the throne if Tumrul Sultan dies. In response, Alpagut says that Chari Bey will take the throne, then Tekfur counters by asking if Chari Bey dies before him, who will take the throne?

In response Alpagut says Alp Arsalan. Then Tekfur asked again about Inal Bay.
Alpagut then says that Inal Bey rebelled before for the throne and was unsuccessful. Then Tekfur says that Alp Arsalan will not be allowed to take the throne in any way.

Meanwhile, Alexander and Plautius went to the border area with two snakes and brought out the horses after releasing the snakes. Alexander was very happy to see the horses.
Alp Arsalan’s troops try to capture the horses and when they reach the border of Tekfur, both sides argue.

When AlpArslan heard this news, he rushed himself, Karaby was among the horses that ran away, so AlpArslan went to search for Bey and Karan. Looking around, Alp remembered a story of Arsalan’s childhood, when he would whistle and let his horse eat apples when he approached.

So he suddenly started playing the flute. After whistling for some time suddenly Karabe rushes in and then everyone, including Alp Arsalan, realizes who has taken the horses and in which direction. Then they entered the territory of Tekfur and reached the place where the horses were kept.

By an idea, they tied the caravan in front of the house and Alexander and Plautius were happy to see it when they came out to the horse they were all surrounded by Alp Arsalan from a distance.

Alp Arsalan argues with Alexander and falls to the ground in a sword fight with AlpArslan when Alp Arsalan calls Alexander “the horse thief son of Tekfur” which is apt and humorous.

Tekfu knows nothing about this horse stealing. So Tekfur finds Alexander and Plautius in the fortress. When one of the soldiers asked who they were, he said that Plautius had gone out with a group of soldiers. Arsalan Yusuf goes to meet Tekfur in his castle and tells Tekfur about his daughter’s marriage.

Tekfur then says you will be my eyes and ears in Vasporagan.
In reply, Arsalan Yusuf says that you are campaigning against AlpArslan and I lost once on your side there. And now Alp Arsalan is my future son-in-law. Now I am in the heart of the Seljuks. You calculate as you.

This conversation was noticed by Inal Bey and he brought Arsalan Yusuf to a roadblock and imprisoned him in a dungeon. When AlpArslan learned of this news, he quickly left Alexander and settled the dispute between Inal Bey and Arsalan Yusuf.

Afsin Bey sent some gold coins and a map of the first booty on the occasion of the wedding. Alp Arsalan was pleased by this and said that as long as there were such warriors within the Seljuks, the dream of conquering Anatolia would survive.

Tecfur interrogates his son and Plautius and they lie to Tecfur. Alexander tells his father that “I heard that the Seljuks were about to attack the trading fort of Surmari so I sent Patius to investigate. When he was late in returning I went myself but the news was false.”

Tekfur’s doubts remain so he asks if there is anything else. Then Alexander said no.

Meanwhile, AlpArslan’s wedding is complete, Seferia’s sister Golja also arrives at the wedding and a post-wedding reception is held where guests bring various gifts. Tekfur also comes to congratulate on this occasion.

On this occasion, a man comes from Bagdag with a well-crafted bow which he brings as a gift to Alp Arsalan Bey and when he comes to Alp Arsalan he goes to stab AlpArslan to kill him but AlpArslan conscious he touches AlpArsalan’s body. Can’t and AlpArslan knocks him to the ground.
Then everyone was shocked.

Gave tried to put the blame for this assassination attempt on Seferiya. He said that earlier he was trying to kill himself and now they are trying to kill my brother by bringing people from Baghdad. This guest was taken away and everyone waited until he regained consciousness.

After regaining consciousness Alp Arsalan Bey is informed and he comes and asks who sent him and whom to kill. Then this assassin says I’m here to kill Sepheria Hatun and I’ve been sent by Inal Bey then everyone stands in shock and the episode ends with this scene.



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