Alparslan Episode 42

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles


This episode is very painful episode. From the beginning to the end of the episode, the sadness is covered in pain everywhere. In the beginning of the episode, Sefria Hatun is poisoned by her associate Zaran Hatun The reason for giving this poison is because Zerin Hatun cannot tolerate Seferia Hatun anymore Because he forgot the glory of his own clan and joined the Alp Arsalan Ber family.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

Alp Arsalan’s child could not be accepted in her womb. So Alp Arsalan poisoned Seferia Hatun so that her child would not see the light of this world. Seferia Hatun falls unconscious on the floor after eating mushroom soup with poison.

Akineya Hatun sees Sepheriya Hatun in this condition and takes him to the hospital Meanwhile, Jerin pretends to eat poison and goes to the bathroom. He does this so that there is no doubt on him. Seferia Hatun gives Akineya Hatun various medicines. And slowly Seferia Hatun became healthy.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

At the palace of the Sultan in the city of Re, all the Beras, including Sultan Tugrul, Alp Arsalan Bey, Chari Bey, were deciding what to do next with the Inal Ber Acharan. Alp Arsalan begs the Sultan not to be flexible about Inal Ber.

Sultan Alp sent Arsalan Bey to the Beds of the border area. He ordered them to gather all possible information about who would side with Inal Ber in the war. Chari begs Sultan to speak to Inal Ber again. Sultan tells Chari Bey that it will only be a waste of time. Inal Bay won’t listen

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

Then Chari Bey left with a sick body to explain to Inal Bey. But Inal Bay doesn’t mean anything Meanwhile, the news that Chari Be Inal is talking to Bera makes Bera suspicious of other small groups.

Everyone noticed Inal Bey and began to say that Inal Bey was having an affair with the Sultan. And they will suffer and die At these words Inal Be became angry and asked them to be quiet, but they disobeyed this order. As everyone else gets excited, Inal Bey draws a sword and kills one of the soldiers. A brotherly war started there

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

Inal Bey and Chari Bey started fighting together. Finally after much bloodshed the rebellious Bera calmed down. Inal Bey promises them that he will never disobey the Sultan’s orders. And will fight and capture the “City of Ray”. Tekfur Gregor arrives at the Sultan’s palace to retrieve his daughter. Sultan reassures him that his daughter will reach home tomorrow.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

Sultan Melik looked at Suleiman and quickly ordered Flora to be returned. Melik Suleiman and Batur Bey then returned to the Surmari trading fort. Suleiman was worried about how to implement the order of the Sultan. Because if Flora is asked to leave, she may commit suicide in shame. There is no way to say no because of the Sultan’s orders.

So he was talking to Batur Ber about this. At that time Flora came to the door and overheard this conversation, wrote a letter and sent it by messenger to Melik Suleiman. When this letter reached Melik Suleiman, the soldier left the Fort of Flora and reached the Fort of Tekfur. Tekfur finds his daughter and asks why she went to Surmari Banijya Durg. Flora gives no answer. Tekfur reduced his sentence and allowed him to stay in Annie.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

Chari Bey was returning without being able to understand Inal Bey. At that time, he became very ill and fell to the ground. Then Inal Bey took him to the sanatorium. The sages declared him dead Chari Bay breathed her last with her head in Inal Ber’s lap. Inal Bay Chari Ber sent the body to the Sultan. Alp Arsalan Bey informed Charibe about Seferia’s child a few days before her death. Chari Bey then named the child “Melikshah”.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

On the news of Chari Ber’s death, the place is in mourning Sultan and Alp Arsalan were overcome with grief. Meanwhile, Inal Bey continues to rally all the Beys for war. Plans to attack the city from east and west. Meanwhile, Alp Arsalan, ordered by the Sultan, began to form his army. Arsalan took refuge with Basasi in the fortress of Tekfur, and he supported Inal Bey with an army of 2000 horse and 1000 infantry.

Before the start of the war, Basasir, Inal Bey, Han Bey Gon all met together in one place. There they discuss the battle plan. On the first day of the battle, an agreement was reached between Alp Arsalan Bay and Inal Ber. Alp said that if Arsalan Bey lost, he would leave the battlefield. And if Inal Bey loses, he will tell his army to retreat without attacking.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles

Agreeing to this condition only they two started fighting. Inal Bay was defeated. And when he was taken to the Sultan, the Sultan killed him with a noose. Sultan never wanted to kill Inal Bey. But he was forced to kill Inal Bey. And then he regretted that Alp Arsalan was right. He had already told me not to be flexible with Inal Ber. Sekheria Hatun gives birth and names her Melikshah and the episode ends with this scene.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 English Subtitles



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