Ates Kuslari

Ates Kuslari Episode 10

Ates Kuslari Episode 10 English Subtitles

A new series of Ateş Kuşları (Firebirds) will start very soon on ATV screens. The producer of the series, whose first trailer was published, is Bozdağ Film. The producer, who has already achieved great success in the 4th season with the Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman) series, will soon present a very different story to the audience with the Ateş Kuşları series, in which the technical team of the series named Destan (Epic) is behind the scenes.

When we look at the first trailer of the Ateş Kuşları series, we understand that a very emotional story is coming and this story will begin by adopting a baby that street children find in the trash.

Ates Kuslari English Subtitles

The message given in the first trailer of the Ateş Kuşları series is that the poor but proud street children and the fact that a baby is a savior in life among the garbage seem to affect the audience as well. İlayda Alişan said that the series will be a project that will make the audience cry, and the first trailer confirms this.

The script was written by Ayşe Ferda Yılmaz and Nehir Erdem and is directed by Emir Khalilzadeh. Both the screenwriters and the director were together in the Destan series before. When the Destan project made its finale, the scriptwriters and the director, together with the technical team, started working on the new series Ateş Kuşları.

Ates Kuslari Episode 10 English Subtitles

You will watch İlayda Alişan as the female lead in the series, and the actress will appear before her fans with a drama project this time after her romantic comedy story called Severin. The actress, who has undergone an intense preparation process for the series, is experiencing the excitement of the new project.

Ates Kuslari Episode 10 English Subtitles

The famous actress also spoke assertively about the series by saying, “It will be a drama, a project that will make people cry” in her interview. As the actress said, there is another series in which you will shed tears on the screen.

It has not yet been announced when the Ateş Kuşları series, which includes names such as Efekan Can, Görkem Sevindik, Erdem Şanlı, and Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı, will be broadcast. Watch more

Ates Kuslari Season 1 Episode 10 English Subtitles



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