Bir Sevdadir Episode 9

Watch Bir Sevdadir Episode 9 with English Subtitles

Title: “A Love’s Tale” Episode 9
“A Love’s Tale” is a Turkish drama series that premiered on TRT 1 on January 31, 2024. Created by Mehmet Bozdag, the series features Feyyaz Serifoglu, Sude Zulal G├╝ler, and Ekin Mert Daymaz in lead roles.

The storyline revolves around Yesil, a young woman compelled into marriage with a man she doesn’t love. On her wedding day, she is unexpectedly kidnapped by Ersin, the twin brother of her intended husband. Ersin, a renowned footballer with a reputation for his wild lifestyle, brings Yesil to his home in Istanbul, where an unexpected love blossoms.



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