Alparslan Episode 53

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 53 English Subtitles

With the help of a document held by Alp Arsalan Bey, Alpersalan Bey convinced Bagrat to stop fighting and attack Leon instead. Despite the king’s disagreement with Bagrat’s decision, he eventually followed Alperslan Bey.

However, Alperslan Bey sent half his troops to the new fort and attacked and killed those who had betrayed the Sultan. Kavurta Bey’s son criticized Alperslan Bey’s decision regarding Siraj when he arrived at the palace,

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 53 English Subtitles Kayifamily

However, Seferia Hatun ordered Mardan to follow Sultan’s orders and allow him to visit Kavurta Bey. While there, Kavurk Bey tells his son Siraj of his plan to attack.

Meanwhile, Leon learns of Bagrat’s departure from the battlefield and prepares to defend against an impending Turkish attack on Anne by gathering troops and weapons from Sebastien and setting up a slave camp in the forest. Alperslan Bey discusses plans to attack Ani with his troops

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 53 English Subtitles Kayifamily tv

And Seferia Hatun ordered schools to reopen after consultation. However, Cato realizes that he can no longer use the children and so seeks help from Leon. Alperslan Bey realizes that new soldiers have gone to the slave camp and decides to capture it. Badad later reached the palace and demanded the castle from Alperslan Bey, but later failed in his attempts to persuade him to convert to Islam.

Meanwhile, a soldier reports that someone is stealing bodies from the grave. In an attempt to erase the evidence, Cato orders a spy to burn down the school and dump the bodies there.

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