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Hay Sultan Season 2 Episode 11

Hay Sultan Episode 11 English Subtitles


At the beginning of the episode, we see Sultan Abdul Quader Jilani and his children together, with an arduous effort to build a drain in the village. And when the water began to flow through the canal, the villagers erupted in joy. Children start playing with water. Adults start drinking water. Women bring pots and fill water. A wave of happiness was flowing in the village after a long time when the water came.

Meanwhile, the newly promoted soldier and Amir’s soldier, hunt down the devils in the city. They are searching every car. Searching for every human being. Because Amir has been ordered by Wazir Azam to catch Sabahi devils by any means. If this order is fulfilled, the Amir will go one step further, so the Amir sends his soldiers to fulfill this duty.

Hay Sultan English Subtitles

Sultan Abdul Qader Jilani was on his way to meet his pir, when he saw a man on the way asking for water, after he went forward to give him water, the man held a knife to Abdul Qader Jilani’s throat, but Abdul Qader Jilani pressed his hand on his hand.

He can no longer move his hand, Abdul Quader Jilani tells him: Go, I have given you my horse. I forgive you. Then when that man started to run away with the horse, the horse did not move a single step. Instead, he fell down and fainted. Sultan Abdul Quader Jilani put him on the horse and released the horse.

Basically, the guy is the guy who broke out of jail. He is a man from Sabahi. And from there Sultan Abdul Kader Jilani went to his peer Yusuf Hamdani. There he became engrossed in dhikr.

Hay Sultan Episode 11 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Amir’s soldiers catch a trader, who is a slave trader, i.e. brings women and sells them to the rich in the market. As this custom of selling slaves was discontinued, the business was asked to go away. (Abdul Quader Jilani Episode 3 Review) And her maids were taken away as state property. More

Hay Sultan Season 2 Episode 11

But his soldier thought of sending a girl as a gift to Amir. The girl does not know Arabic and Turkish. The girl speaks Latin. When the girl is brought before the Amir, the Amir is pleased to see her and wants to play chess with the girl. The Amir welcomes her to the palace when she shows intelligence in the game.

We will see in the next episode, who is the girl. What is the purpose of the girl? Is the girl from Sabah?

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