Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2

Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 2 English Subtitles


Hayreddin Bey took a boat and proceeded towards the enemy ship. A guard stops him and asks him why he has come. Hayreddin says that his ship has sunk and immediately attacks the guard.

Hayruddin speaks to the Muslim slaves on board and says that he will free them. Then, the slavers attack the soldiers on board and disable them. Yahya is worried about his uncle, but Salih calms him down.

Aydin says that they should not bother Hayreddin and continue to wait. Oliver the governor tells his daughter to get ready for Granada and sends her on a waiting ship. Valeria says she doesn’t want to travel on this ship, but can’t convince her father. Hyreddin saw someone approaching the ship. Valeria and the captain prepare to board the ship. Watch Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

Hyreddin throws the captain overboard and captures Valeria. Aydin realizes that Hayreddin has captured the ship and prepares to move. Hayreddin explains to Valeria what is written on the ship’s flag and begins to look for a safe harbor to shelter from the coming storm.

Charles presented two hundred thousand gold coins to the Pope. The Pope thanked the King profusely for the gift, but said he had not yet decided whom to support. Charles says that Francois is untrustworthy and has worked with the Turks before. The Pope said he will soon announce who will be the Holy Roman Emperor. Meanwhile, an admiral arrives and tells him that Barbarossa has hijacked a ship in Oliva. The Pope tells the admiral to immediately capture Barbarossa alive. The admiral immediately set out from the port of Granada with three warships

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

While Kemankes was practicing archery in the courtyard of the Pasha’s palace, his mother came and warned him of what had happened in the palace. Kemankes says he will soon find out what Sultan is trying to do and calm his mother down.
Hayreddin orders Valeria to be fed and tells them to be very careful until they get to Algeria.

The Admiral’s ships soon found Hyreddin and began preparing for an attack. Hayreddin realizes that a battle will soon break out and orders his ships to fire artillery immediately. The admiral was surprised and panicked by Hayreddin’s attack.

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

Hyreddin blows up the enemy ships and captures the admiral. The admiral pleads with Barbarossa to spare his life. Hayreddin took the Spanish flag from the enemy ship and said that he would allow the admiral to return to the palace. That night, Hayreddin goes to an island to bury his dead soldiers.

The admiral returned to Spain and told the king what had happened. The king was very angry and killed the admiral. The Pope said the Turks must be stopped in the Mediterranean as soon as possible. Queen Isabella says they must use Andrea Doria to stop Barbarossa. Meanwhile, Doria goes to the palace of the King of France and says she will no longer work for him.

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

Fran├žois warns Doria again that he has fired her. Charles says Doria is very greedy and works for Francois. Pope asks Charles to persuade Doria. After the meeting ended, Charles became angry with his wife.

Isabella says she will get the money she needs to hire Doria from a Venetian banker. The Sultan’s Silahdar came aboard Hayreddin’s ship that night and showed him the secret letter. Hayreddin read the Sultan’s message and immediately moved to meet him. Watch Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 2 English Subtitles

The next morning, Hayreddin went to Avlonia to speak with the sultan. After the Sultan prayed, he began to speak to Hayreddin and accepted the gift he had brought. The Sultan says he has a secret plan to take over Rome and asks Hayreddin to establish a secret intelligence agency. Hayreddin immediately accepted the Sultan’s offer and immediately prepared to leave for Algeria.

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

The Sultan ordered Hayreddin’s family to Istanbul and named him a spy from Venice. Isabel goes to Venice and asks Luna to borrow money to save Valeria. Luna believes Isabel’s lie and agrees to pay her.

Hayreddin returned home and told his family to prepare for their move to Istanbul. Valeria tries to escape the palace, but Yahya tells her to stay calm. Kemankes learns that Hayreddin is talking to the Sultan, but cannot predict what will happen in the future.

Hayreddin goes to Venice while his family goes to Paita. Osman Bey takes the notebook with the names of people who will help the secret organization, but is attacked by the Knights of Rhodes. While escaping, Osman drops the notebook at the inn. Luna sends a message to Hyreddin after what Isabella said.

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

Marcella gives Luna the notebook she found at the inn. Hayreddin tells Aydin to call Osman and goes to talk to Luna. Charles summoned Doria to his palace and asked him to command the fleet. Doria listens to the king’s proposal and agrees to stop Barbarossa.

Hayreddin claims that Isabella lied and that she even came from the Spanish court. Luna is furious and agrees to help Hyreddin. The knights torture Osman but cannot force him to speak. After receiving the secret notebook from Luna, Hayreddin accompanies Aydin to a monastery.

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles

The Hayreddinel family arrives in Istanbul and goes to the palace where they will stay. The knights learn the names of the spies and say they sent them to Charles. Hayreddin kills the knights and saves Osman. Osman says that the spies have been exposed and that there is a traitor in the Ottoman palace.

Valeria escapes from the palace and jumps into the sea to kill herself. Yahya saves Valeria’s life and says she will send a letter to her father. Charles kills five spies in the town square. After sending Osman to Pythahat, Hayreddin goes to speak with Luna again and tells her to use his merchants.

Luna tells Charles’ palace that sending spies is too dangerous and tells Hyreddin to steal Doug’s seal. On the way to Doug’s house, someone kidnaps a Hyreddin. Fran├žois asks Hayreddin to lead the navy and says he will give him a lot of gold. Hayreddin immediately rejects this offer and goes to the harbor to kill Doria.

Barbaos Hayreddin Episode 2 English Subtitles




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