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Ibn Sina

It is difficult to find a person who has not heard the name of Ibn Sina. His name was the famous Abu Ali Hussain bin Abdullah Ibn al-Hasan bin Ali Ibn Sina, many people also know him as Abu Ali Ibn Sina.

He was born in the month of December 980 AD in the month of August in Kharmatay area of Bukhara which is 370 Hijri in Arabic year. His father’s name was Abdullah, who was a government official. and mother Sitara Bibi. He was of Persian language. However, he, like everyone else, chose the Arabic language as a weapon of knowledge.

He was very talented, he memorized the Qur’an at the age of 10, after which he studied fiqh, i.e. jurisprudence, and various Islamic subjects with his teacher Ismail Sufi. Having gained so much knowledge at such a young age, Ibn Sina’s father Abdullah found Ibn Sina’s father, Abdullah, a fruit seller in the city.

This mewa seller was originally an Indian mathematician, upon hearing the news, Ibn Sina’s father, Abdullah Ibn Sina, requested him to take him to teach him, but he had not shared his knowledge with anyone before, so he agreed at first, but after learning about his talent, he agreed,

Ibn Sina learned all kinds of arithmetic from him in a very short time, seeing his talent, the fruit seller handed Ibn Sina over to a scholar named al-Natili, who was one of the wisest of the time. Al-Natili found such a brilliant student and began to teach him rigorously, Ibn Sina learned geometry and astrology from al-Natili.

But after a while there came a time when such a great scholar al-Natili had nothing more to teach Ibn Sina. Ibn Sina read the Mantek belonging to al-Natili, after reading it he realized that there was nothing left for him to learn from his teacher al-Natili. Al-Natili asked Ibn Sina to do his own independent research.

When he started making discoveries on his own, he kept making one discovery after another. But he grew tired of it, and when he was sixteen, he decided to study medicine. He completed his medical studies in two years from 16 to 18 years. Such was the spread of his knowledge that it spread all around.

When a king named Nuh bin Mansur of another country fell ill, Ibn Sina was called from the palace, he went and healed the king, the king was happy and told Ibn Sina to ask him whatever he wanted, if Ibn Sina wanted to ask for a lot of wealth. could

But he asked for permission to use the state library all the time, when the king gave permission, he became engrossed in the state library, he found books there which he had never seen before or since, he read all the books there and gained unique knowledge from there. . Then when that king died, his heirs succeeded him

But as he was new to politics, he was not able to do anything well, there was a big rebellion in his kingdom, he was not able to suppress it, the heirs of the old king were angry with him. So he left that job and went on a world tour.

He visited one city after another, in the city of Khawarism he came into the presence of the great scholar Al Biruni, when he gradually got old, he decided to work somewhere in peace and rest, and in this decision he was helped by the king of Hamdan, he was one of the life there. Passed a long time.

But later, when the king of Hamdan came of age, he appointed Ibn Sina as prime minister, which angered the other government officials because he was a foreigner to them.

Unable to bear all these activities, he moved to Isfahan, which is now in Iran. He spent a long time there, and the state system was there for him. Then when a war broke out between Hamdan and Isfahan, the king of Isfahan wanted to take him as a physician to the war.

Even though Ibn Sina was sick himself, he could not help but show gratitude, so he went to war as a physician. And he left this mortal world at the age of 58 in 1038 A.D. when he developed abdominal pain while staying in the camp. He wrote 450 books in his short life, 150 of them on philosophy and 40 on medicine. more

A total of 240 books now survive in the world. And among all these books Kitabus Sifa is the most famous. In his name, there are many hospitals and foundations in our country, many buildings around the world are built with his name, thus he has left a place in the hearts of people for hundreds of years! May Allah make Ibn Sina dwell in Jannat!

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