Alparslan 52 English

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

This episode is heartwarming for all Alp Arsalan fans. Because after so much effort, Alp Arsalan Bey finally entered the palace as Sultan. Words can’t explain the amount of trouble a worthy person had to take to sit in his rightful place.

Alp Arsalan Bey was nominated as Sultan by the late Sultan Tughrul. Then he was not allowed to sit in Sultan’s seat. Melik Suleiman Bey sat in Sultan’s seat. From then on, Alp Arsalan Bey Sultan tried to keep away from the palace. Added to that were the conspiracies of Kutalmish Bey and Tekfur. After overcoming all these obstacles, Alp Arsalan finally entered the palace as Sultan. Sultan Muhammad Alp Arsalan’s inauguration ceremony was very simple

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

After Alp Arsalan Bey ascended the throne, he explained to everyone their new duties. Appointed Ata Bey as Vizier. Sepheriya put the palace under the control of Hatun. Sometime after assuming power, Sultan Alp Arsalan received news that Kutalmish Ber had escaped. The Sultan ordered him to be found. Meanwhile, after completing the formalities of the Raj Sabha, he went out on a new campaign.

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Seferia Hatun Akiney visited the Hatun market. At that time Seferia Hatun saw a necklaceSeferia Hatun finds something special at that rate. When he wanted to buy that rate, the shopkeeper said he was unable to sell it. But Seferia Hatun kept insisting to buy that rate. Finally, Seferia bought the necklace.

Seferia Hatun looks at the necklace and tries to retrieve the secret message. but can’t Later Akineya Hatun was able to retrieve the secret message of this necklace.

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

There were some clues written inside that secret message. which resembled a Christian cemetery. So everyone went to that Christian cemetery and started looking for that grave. Finally, they found the tomb. A special signal is written there. Which is aimed at a church So everyone entered that church, including Seferiah Hatun. From there he started looking for the secret document.

Seferia Hatun has to gain speed to get the secret documents Because in the meantime the news goes to that secret group. They realize that Seferia Hatun is suspecting them

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

When Seferia Hatun was at the Christian cemetery, a girl came. That girl knows Seferia Hatun. He quickly informed the shopkeeper. For that reason, an attack was carried out on Seferia Hatun inside the church.

But a group including Batur Bey was hiding near the church. They were watching Seferia Hatun from there. When the shopkeeper Chappell came to attack them, Batur Bey turned on them and killed them. Then Seferia Hatun and Akineya Hatun were rescued from inside the church by Batur Bey. The secret document contained various details of Count Leo’s misdeeds.

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

Byzantine Emperor Alp sent a letter to Arsalan Bey for a peace treaty. Which would be good for both, he points out. But Count Leo doesn’t like it. He wants to finish Alp Arsalan Bey. So he summoned all the nearby Tekfurs and chiefs of various forts to meet him.

He hatches a plot to meet all the nearby vassals. Because he found out that some other sultans including the Kaiser wanted to accept Alp Arsalan’s word. So he secretly sends three warriors. They dress in Seljuk clothes and sit in advance. After Count Leon’s meeting, the Vassals went to meet Alp Arsalan Ber.

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

Just then the three soldiers shot arrows at the Tekfurs. At this, they left Alp Arsalan in anger. This made the implementation of the Alp Arsalan Ber peace agreement almost impossible. Then everyone started looking for the commander’s order to catch those three. Dogs are also used to catch them in such situations.

Just when they finally catch up, Count Leon comes and saves them. And this time Arvuk Bey was seriously injured in the clash that took place. He was quickly brought back to Ray City. After a long treatment, he recovered a little

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

Count Leon, meanwhile, prefers to keep no evidence. So he killed those three warriors himself and threw them into the river And he again began to plot and prepare for war against Sultan Alp Arsalan. For this, he collected troops from all around. All commanders are invited. Thus he prepared a huge army.

The letter reached Alp Arsalan before the battle with the Kaiser the next day. And Alp Arsalan Bey Avar ordered Atsiz Bey to conquer that fort. Since everyone was united with the Kaiser for the war, the number of Alps inside their fortress was small. Because of this, they easily get the keys to the fort.

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

Alp Arsalan Bay these secret documents and keys before the start of the war
By asking King Bagrat, who does he believe now? And faced with this question, King Bagrat really fell into both crises. In the next episode, we will know with whom Raja Bagrat unites

Alparsan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 English Subtitles

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