Kurulus Osman Season 5 with English SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 5

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 in English-1080 & 720

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 in English-1080 & 720

Who will protect Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey? Mehmed Bey has also been attacked. Will Mehmed Bey be martyred? In addition, Osman Bey can be seen beheading someone in the trailer; who is Osman Bey killing? On the other hand, Sanjaksijla’s forces are imprisoned in front of Osman Bey. Will Yaqub Ber’s betrayal be revealed? How did the Holofis come back from the attack of the Martian forces? All questions will be answered in today’s video, so keep watching the video till the end.

Kayifamily UK Kurulus Osman 144 in English

In the end, we will briefly discuss Sanjaksijla’s forces and Yakub Ber’s treachery; then, will Gurbuz Alp be martyred? I will discuss that the Sanjaksijlers betrayed Yakub Ber and blamed Osman Bey. Osman Bey sent Boran Alp to catch them.

In the second trailer, we see that Boran Alp manages to capture the Sanjakzizers; they appear in front of Osman Bey, and Osman Bey slaps them, so will they say Yakub Ber’s name? No, they won’t know Yakub Ber’s name because in the next scene, Yaqub Bey says to Osman Bey, the throne is mine, and the war is yours; that means Sanjaksijlers won’t reveal Yakub Ber, but there may be some trap behind Sanjaksijlers not telling, as they are gold. In the words of the greedy crusaders, they might start working for them, but certainly, Yakub Bey will not be caught so easily.

This time, the critical thing is that Gurbuz Alp will be a martyr. Orhan Bey and, Alauddin Bey and Mehmed Bey were seriously injured; how were they attacked, how could they be saved? As we saw in the first trailer, the Crusaders offer Yakub Bey many gold coins in exchange for Vasilis, and Yakub Bey foolishly agrees.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 with English Subtitles

But he doesn’t know it’s a trap when Yaqub Ber’s son Mehmed goes to free Vasilis, Osman Bey gets the news, and he sends Gurbuz Alp with Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey after Mehmed, so Vasilis cannot be freed at all. Either way, Mehmed Bey will be attacked by the Martian commander Karajalasun when he goes to deliver Vasilis.

Gurbuz Alp, along with Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey, who followed Mehmed Bey, when they saw Mehmed Bey attacking and taking Vasilis, they would also attack the Martian forces. Still, they would also fall into a trap where another large Martian force would attack, resulting in Orhan and Alauddin facing each other from four directions.

Osman Ber will suffer heavy losses in this attack, the way Mangal commander Karajalasun Usman Ber’s army hit Gurbuz Alpe with his sword in the stomach, reliable information says that Gurbuz Alp is going to be martyred; Kurulus Osman Season 5 will show the first martyr of any major Alp, so it is at the hands of Commander Karajalasun. Gurbuz Alp will die.

Kurulus Osman 144 in English and Others Subbed

Not only that, but this attack will cause more damage. At the same time, Orhan Bey, Alauddin Bey, and Mehmed Bey will also be seriously injured. At the end of the trailer, Osman Bey is seen telling Yaqub Bey that because of your mistake, that is, because you decided to release Vasilis, today, the children are fighting with death.

There is another possibility, but it is less likely. When Orhan Bey left the market with Holofira, Mehmed Bey followed him because there might have been trouble between Mehmed and Orhan. Alauddin Bey took Gurbuz Alp with them. Tell them to follow because the trailer shows,

Malhun Hatun tells you brothers will not leave each other alone in danger;,; after Alauddin Bey reaches there, maybe the Mars army will attack, then Mehmed Bey will somehow escape with Hulofira, and Alauddin Bey and Orhan Bey will be wounded, but this will likely happen. Less Now, I will discuss,

Osman Bey can be seen in the trailer beheading someone. Who is he? Who will save the attack on Usman Bey and Alauddin Bey? If you find the answer to this question, you will also know who is being beheaded. Osman Bey may save his sons from Mangal Bahini, and Mangal Bahini will escape when Usman Ber arrives, but Osman Ber will capture one Mangal army; he will be beheaded.

Kayifamily UK Kurulus Osman 144 in English

In another scene in the trailer, Bala Hatun tells Alauddin Bey that one cannot let his desires win. In the last analysis video, we said that Ulgen Hatun will tell Bala Hatun the secret of Ganja Hatun, due to which Bala Hatun will get him out of all this. Tell them to come, even if their meeting is difficult, they will match in the end, But it could be the other way around; Bala Hatun might have liked Ganja, that’s why Alauddin Bey is telling the mind to prevail over the heart, on the other hand, Holofira and Aisma Hatun’s fight, all in all a painful episode is about to come. Read Historical Update

Kurulus Osman Information:

  • Type: TV series
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Broadcast: Thursdays at 20:00 (Turkiye)
  • Producers: Mehmet Bozdağ
  • Licensors: ATV Studios: Bozdağ Film
  • Genres: Historical, Drama, Action
  • Duration: 140 minutes

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