Alparslan 58

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 English Subtitles


Sultan Alp Arsalan enlisted the help of engineers to complete his mission. He breaks Annie’s resistance wall with the help of engineers. Count Leon was very disappointed to see this wall of resistance crumbled He can’t believe how it happened. He then summoned his general Hadrian and consulted with him to strengthen the defenses of Anne.

Tekfur believed that the Turks would never be able to capture this fort. Because they will be disappointed after seeing this huge wall. So he was at ease. But Sultan Alp Arsalan had already received word that Count Leon was looking for a skilled engineer.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 English Subtitles

Then Sultan Alp Arsalan planned and sent this engineer to Tekfur. And so today he was able to break down this wall Meanwhile, Sultan Alp Arsalan continued to commit adultery with Karvud Ber’s son Mardan. He continues to leak Sultan Alp Arsalan’s secret message to Tekfur Leon. Melik Mardan’s father continued to betray Karvud Bey and Sultan Alp Arsalan.

He was always cheating with the Sultan. But the front was not revealing it. The sultan in the front was being hypocritical in the back. Thus, when the Sultan started a war against the Georgian forces, Mardan and Karvud Bey planned to divert the Sultan’s troops and endanger him. And that is done by father and son together.

Karvud Bey informed Sultan Alp Arsalan that Mardan would attack the Georgian forces from the rear. But when the war starts, the beating does not come anymore. Seeing this, Sultan Alp Arsalan became very angry. Because many soldiers were martyred before his eyes.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 English Subtitles

Finally Sultan Alp Arsalan’s forces won but lost many soldiers. And because of this, Sultan Alp Arsalan Karvud got angry. Meanwhile a soldier brings news that Melik Mardan has defected to Tekfur Leon with them. Hearing this, Sultan Alp Arsalan decided against Mardan. Sultan Alp Arsalan set the death penalty for Mardan. Because the only punishment for treason is death.

Melik Mardan sought refuge with Count Leon. Count Leon gave him shelter in his castle. He took good care of her. He was served one day at the dinner table with extra wine along with beautiful food

Melik Mardan then fainted after drinking alcohol. Then Hadrian left her near the palace of the city of Surmari. Artuk Bey sees it. He was then captured and brought to Sultan Alp Arsalan.
Ray regains consciousness while waiting in town. When Mardan was brought before Sultan Alp Arsalan, he ordered his execution.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 English Subtitles

Karvud Bey was very surprised to hear the death sentence. When he wanted to say something to Sultan Alp Arsalan, the Sultan forbade it. He was then strangled to death in the courtyard of the palace Before the murder, the conspiratorial words of the father and son were the expression of a very low mind.

Before death usually people say something good. Want to be good. But beating is completely opposite. He was also plotting with his father. But there is a lesson from this conversation. Be persistent in achieving your goals. Even with your own life, your goals are fixed.

After Mardan’s death his father called a meeting of all his loyal Vedas. There Karbhud Ber kills one for opposing. In this way Karvud Bey began to weave his web of conspiracy anew. And Sultan Alp revealed himself as a great loyalist before Arsalan.

Alp Avar Alp is very close to Sultan Alp Arsalan. Count Leon holds her captive and establishes his control over her through hypnotic powers. He puts a word into Avar Alp’s head “Stab in the heart of Sultan Alp Arsalan”.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 English Subtitles

Avar Alp kept saying this all day. When he is fully hypnotized he is given very good food. After many days, after getting such good food, Avar Alp ate it all. Then he was released near the city of Ray. Then the Sultan’s soldiers found him.

He was presented before Sultan Alp Arsalan Ber Everyone met him including Sultan Alp Arsalan and started talking to him But Avar Alp doesn’t say anything. Sultan Alp Arsalan sent him to the doctor.
The most heart-warming scene of this episode is the dialogue between King Bagrat and the jailer Al-Qur’an Hafez next to him.

Raja Bagrat can read Injil Sharif. And the Hafez of Al-Qur’an is imprisoned next to him. When Hafez Sahib recited the Quran, King Bagrat listened to it with silent attention. King Bagrat wants to know about various things. Seeing all this, it seems that King Bagrat will accept Islam The dialogues between Aya and Batur Ber were the funniest.

He kept saying that over and over while he was at the doctor’s. Then Seferia Hatun and Akineya Hatun consulted and it was decided to keep him in his own room. Sultan Alp Arsalan placed Dimitri on the throne of Georgia and returned to the city of Re with a crown on his head. When Sultan Alp Arsalan entered the palace, people began to praise the Sultan. In this situation, the words started echoing in Avar Alp’s head again.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 English Subtitles

He leaves his own room with a knife. He appeared directly in front of Alp Arsalan. Seeing him, Sultan Alp Arsalan came to Avar Alp. And just then, Avar Alp put a knife on Sultan’s chest. Sultan Alp Arsalan immediately fell to the ground. Everyone held Avar Alp, as he raised his hand for the next stab. The episode ends with this scene.

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