Real History of Holofira

Real History of Holofira-Wife of Orhan Gazi

Biography of Holofira (Nilifar Hatun)

History is full of stories of Ottoman sultans and wives of Ottoman sultans. Every character belonging to this great Sultanate is important and dignified. Even after centuries, these characters are still alive in the hearts of fans, and the audience is interested to know about their life.

Who knew that a princess raised in a Byzantine castle would give birth to a future great sultan? I will have the honour of being the mother of the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. She was once a Byzantine princess, surprising but true, and I’m talking about Holfira Hatun. Who is recorded in history as the daughter of Yarhisar Tekfur? We know Nilufar Hatun as the wife of the great Orhan Gazi and the mother of Sultan Murad I. Nilufa Hatun’s original name was Holofira Hatun.

According to Asikpasazad, the great historian of the Ottoman Empire, Nilufa was Hatun, the daughter of Yarhisar Tekfur. Also called holofira and olivera holofira. It was her Byzantine name. After becoming a Muslim, she was named Nilufa Hatun. No incident in history sheds light on his early life.

According to history, his mother died in childhood. Still, the real story begins when the Ottomans conquer the great Byzantine fortress of Belezic. This incident has been well recorded in history, and that is where the role of Holfira came.

Helofira’s father decided to marry his daughter to Bilezik Tekfur. So that his father’s political power increases. In some cases, the Holofis are known to be engaged with the Tekfur of Bilezik. However, it is indicated in some places that she was going to marry the son of Tekfur of Bilezik. But it is clear that the Byzantine Tekfurs invited Osman Bey to the wedding ceremony, and they planned to kill Uthman Bey.

Which with the help of Mihal’s processor. In contrast, Osman Bey conquered the two great Byzantine fortresses of Belezic and Yarhisar. And killed their Tekfurs. Uthman Bey brought Holofira from there as booty. And gave her marriage to Orhan Gazi. It is recorded in many Ottoman history books.

But no Byzantine historian mentions the fact that their princess was captured in battle. But Holofira had a bright future and had the great fortune to give birth to Orhan Gazi’s sons. Nilufer was the first Byzantine woman to become part of an Ottoman family.

It is clearly recorded in history that Nilufa Hatun was the mother of Sultan Murad-I. After this, some facts are written, from which it is clear that Qasim is also the son of Orhan Gazi and Nilufa Hatun. Who died young. There is a little disagreement about the mother of Orhan Gazi’s son, Sulaiman Pasha.

But there is strong evidence that he was also Nilufa Hatun’s son. He was Orhan Gazi’s first child. And Suleiman Pasha Murad was about ten years older than the first. However, the marriage details of Orhan Gazi and Nilufar Hatun are not available.

According to some historians, after conquering the Byzantine fortresses of Belezic and Yarhisa, Uthman took the Byzantine princess Holofira with him. After this, a grand wedding was organized in the defence of Karajahisa, and Princess Holofira married Orhan Gazi. It was during this time that he became a Muslim and changed his name to Nilufa Hatun.

Ibn Battuta also mentions Nilufa Hatun in his book. He also said that he met Nilufar Hatun personally. He wrote about Nilufar Hatoon. She was Orhan Gazi’s special love Hatoon. Ibn Battuta also identifies her as the Ottoman mother. The same name refers to Iznik’s kitchen, where he prepared food for people experiencing poverty.

Ibn Battuta writes that Nilufar Hatun did not spend most of his life in Bursa with Orhan Gazi. On the other hand, when Orhan Gazi was busy with his great conquests, Nilufar Hatun took an active part in welfare work. At that time, he lived in Iznik, but some accounts say that after this distance, he accompanied Orhan Gazi to their harem. He also spent time with his other wives.

Ibn Battuta himself wrote that Orhan Ghazi’s wife lived in the dilapidated city of Iznik. But many of the Sultan’s men were subordinate to this virtuous woman, and Ibn Battuta stayed with Alauddin as a guest. Ibn Battuta also accompanied Alauddin to meet this great queen.

He was very famous for his kindness. He also served as a judge in the same area. Ibn Battuta says that while he was there, the great Orhan Ghazi also visited his wife. Nilufar Hatun said she was very interested in philanthropy.

Famous historian Asikpasazade has described his works very well. He writes that Nilufar Hatun built a bridge over the river on the way to Bursa. Dargah was built for dervishes. He also made a mosque in Bursa. Nilufar Hatun built a kitchen to feed people experiencing poverty, called Javi-e-Nilufar Hatun.

Many of these charities became very famous, and he was counted among the great of the kingdom. Despite being the mother of a great empire, Nilufa Hatun lived a very simple life. His son Murad attained high status. In his honour, a building named after his mother was built in Iznik.

Nilufar Hatun did many good things in his life. A city in Bursa was also named after Nilufar Hatun. Whose story begins as a Byzantine princess and ends as an Ottoman mother. His life was very interesting.

Nilufa was the first mother of the Ottoman Empire, whose youngest son, Murad, became its first ruler. His eldest son, Sulaiman Pasha, died in his youth after falling from a horse. Nothing is known about the birth of Holofira or Nilufa Hatun. No Ottoman historian wrote anything. and nothing is to be found among the Byzantine historians because she was an ordinary Tekfur’s daughter. You can also visit

But his death records that he died in 1383. And at that time, he was about 99 or 100 years old. Nilufa Hatun was buried in Bursa next to Orhan Gazi.

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