Rumi Episode 9 English subtitles

Rumi Episode 9 English subtitles

A dervish is running to that madman, if a person asks who is the dervish? What is the reason for this crazy run? Then he said: He wanted to take a bath, I gave him the things, but now he is broken. When the madman is trapped he says: I don’t feel like taking a bath now, I feel cold so I won’t take a bath now. And he says where is the man of H├╝davendiger? call him Then H├╝davendiger’s son said: I am his son tell me. Then the madman said: Why you? Call him, he is my top, I am his guide. Originally this madman was very wise. more

Mavlana Celaleddin Rumi Episode 9 English subtitles

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