Al Sancak Episode 19

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As we see at the beginning of the Episode, Commander Ali is defibrillated with a Boran shot, causing him to stop breathing. Then by pushing an injection, he gets his breath back, and his life back, but doesn’t want to do it, he wants Commander Ali dead. So they get out, but after Nadia enters the house to set a trap, she pushes the injection and restores Commander Ali’s breath. and saves his life. And after some time there Claw team actually they protect Commander Ali. And Nadia leaves, thus saving Commander Ali’s life.

We then see Sajid Pasha talking privately with Commander Ali, Sajid Pasha tells Commander Ali that he does not think Elizabeth is Nadia’s mother. He doubted it. And asks Nadia to ask Ali to do a task to check this matter. Sajid Pasha tells Ali: You will ask Nadia to do one thing, listen to this song, this song is very favorite song of me and Gulseren, Gulseren will definitely remember the song. Play this song to Nadia, tell her to play this song in front of her mother, see if she understands. Then it will be understood how much the matter is true.

Al Sancak Episode 19 With English Subtitles

We then see Commander Ali meeting Nadia, while Commander Sajid is talking to Commander Ali about these issues, Nadia sends a text message where she says: Come to where we party. So Ali Commander went there with permission from Sajid Commander. Go and solve the story with him. Talk to him in different ways. And Ali informs Commander Nadia that she is now dead to everyone.

As for Nadia, Ali Commander now appears dead to everyone. And Ali tells Commander Nadia about Sajid Commander’s suspicions. This makes Nadia a little angry, because she means this is her mother. Then Ali Commander romantically plays the song to Nadia, and asks her mother to play it, but Nadia does not agree, but Nadia takes the song as her own.

Al Sancak Episode 19 With English Subtitles

Then we see, Araj is very tensed. Because Araj loves Commander Ali’s sister Sedef, and Commander Ali was told by Sedef and Araj. Ali Commander did not reply. Commander Ali said: I will inform you later. But Commander Ali has not informed yet, so Araj is very worried.

When Araj is thinking about these, Commander Ali comes and calls Araj. Araj goes and sits in front of the commander, and Commander Ali says to Araj: See how worried the whole family is when I go to war. I don’t want this thought to escalate. If you can sacrifice everything for my sister, you can marry her without any problem. Hearing these words, Araj went into a lot of depression.

While searching for information about atomic bomb, some information comes to light, according to that information, an attack is being prepared by air force on some terrorist bases. Where Ailul lives a member, who will bomb the base of terrorists. Various bases are blown up according to plan. But some terrorists attacked the pilots with rockets.

Although everyone passes this attack, Ailul’s plane is hit by a rocket. And he parachuted from there and landed on the ground. and saves his life. On getting the news, the Nakhar team went there and saved Eilul from the terrorists, in which Eilul made his last prayer for death. The claw team did not save him from there.

Al Sancak Episode 19 With English Subtitles

Next we see, Elizabeth gives Nadia a task. The task is to meet a man who has a part of the bomb. His job is to deliver it to the right place. But the Claw Team enters the matter. And Nadia Ali along with the commander executes a plan. And the man was killed. And that’s not something the Nakhar team does on its own.

Meanwhile Sajid Commander learns a new thing that there is a woman who looks like Gulseren. They almost look like twin sisters, so close are they. Everyone in the world is very surprised. And Sajid assigned Commander Bushra and Asli to find out more information about them.

And Sajid called Celebi, an old friend of the commander, and told him all about some plans and gave him the responsibility of carrying them out. Celebi Sajid promises the commander that he will look into it all. And will overthrow them all.

We then see Nadia and Ali reuniting with the other members of the Claw Team after executing the plan that the Commander has put into action. And they will all leave that place together. At that time, a terrorist attack happened on them. Once they overcome that, they realize they are more vulnerable to attack. Then they take positions and hide in the mountains.

They waited for the helicopter to arrive. But before the helicopter arrived, another huge terrorist group came and attacked there. And in this Nadia and Ali Commander come up with a plan to finish them all off, but their attacks continue.

Al Sancak Episode 16 ends here with these events. As we will see in the next Episode, how will the Claw team escape from the terrorists? Will Elizabeth’s true face come out? What will Araj do now? READ MORE

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