Serhat EP 3

Watch Serhat EP 3 with English Subtitles

In fact, the question of the best some series among Turkish series, Akif will come one of them in the list of best turkish series. This series created by tab-ii platform. This director has produced some of the best series in Turkey like. Among these big projects, this best series is created. You have to watch the series to see the talent of this team.

Special Forces Police Commissioner in voluntary exile is called back home to join the fight against the evil taking over the city. Not only is the challenge more difficult than expected, but he is also faced with the demons of his past. more

Watch Serhat (The Estranged) Episode 3 with English Subtitles

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  1. Assalaam o alaikum
    I have open but there is no TOZKOPARAN SERIES on kayifamily.com Website on which i am currently commenting.
    There is Tozkoparan series on Kayifamilytv but as i told before there server is not shown and Can you please send the link of Tozkoparan series about which you saying it is able on kayifamilyuk.com

      1. Assalaam o alaikum
        In this link there are TOZKOPARAN ISKENDER EPISODES that I already know you have Uploaded. Jazakallah ❤️
        But Please Understand I am talking about Another Series which is Just (TOZKOPARAN) not Tozkoparan Iskender. You have Uploaded TOZKOPARAN SERIES on your Other Channel Kayifamilytv.com But I repeat that the Of those Episodes of TOZKOPARAN SERIES is not Showing or not Available.
        Please solve that Problem

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