Sultan Episode 3

Sultan Episode 3 English Subtitles

A child was initially looking at his face in the water and thinking something. At that time a man fell from above into the water. He was a madman, he was only talking about Abdul Quader. The child asked who is Abdul Quader?

The scene changes and is shown in Baghdad in 1135 AD. Where an old man is sitting and chanting, he is actually Abdul Quader Jilani. After some time as he was walking on his way, he saw a turtle and sat down in the middle of the road to give him a drink of water. A messenger carrying a letter from Malik Shah’s son Senjar to the Caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate.

Hay Sultan Episode 3 English Subtitles

On the way, Abdul Quader misbehaves with Jilani. About getting out of the way. Then the messenger left and was attacked by robbers. Abdul Qadir Jilani put him in a room while he was trying to save his life. Although he did not recognize Abdul Quader Jilani, he apologized for his bad use.

Then Abdul Quader left for Baghdad together with Jilani. When Abdul Qader Jilani was walking in Baghdad, he saw a man who recognized Abdul Qader and approached him, but when Abdul Qader Jilani showed his hand, he did not come forward.

Hay Sultan Season 1 Episode 3 English Subtitles

The envoy then dismissed Abdul Quader Jilani without recognizing him. The ambassador went to the palace and met the minister to deliver the letter. But the minister asks him for proof as he threw the ambassador’s sign on the road, saying it fell when he was attacked by robbers. If the minister wants proof, the ambassador says, I have visual proof, I am bringing it now.

The envoy starts looking for the old man who is Abdul Quader Jilani. After searching, I finally went to the cemetery and found Abdul Quader Jilani, the messenger. He went to the minister’s court with him and gave witness to Abdul Quader Jilani. But the minister was telling the ambassador how to be a witness? Then another old man came and took the matter and gave a witness.

Hay Sultan Episode 3 English Subtitles

But the old man seemed to be a messenger and a stranger to Abdul Quader Jilani and a stranger. After receiving two witnesses, the minister accepted him as an ambassador. The minister has no letter from the envoy and asks the envoy to leave but the envoy does not because his purpose in coming here is not the letter but another matter.

He goes to give another small letter to the minister but he does not give it because he wants something in return for giving it. When the minister asks him he says Arrange me to stay in your city and I want to study science here. When the minister accepted the matter and took the letter, he found it written that “the Grand Vizier will be attacked”.

Meanwhile, Abdul Quader Jilani was walking in town and saw a child dragging water. Abdul Quader Jilani helped him. Abdul Quader Jilani brought the water to the child’s house.

Hay Sultan Episode 3 English Subtitles

And from his parents, he came to know that the Abbasid Caliph had stopped the water supply to this village. Because of this, most of the people in this village have become sick because they are drinking dirty water. Abdul Quader Jilani took the sick to his madrasa in Baghdad and entertained them all.

With these events, Alas Sultan Volume 1 ends, we are going to get the answer in the next volume, what will be the attack on the Grand Vizier? What is the purpose of the messenger? Will everyone in Baghdad recognize Abdul Quader Jilani? Read more

Hay Sultan Episode 3 English Subtitles



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