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Kurulus Osman 136

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Assalamu Alaikum Dear Kurulus Lovers, Hope you all enjoyed the last episode. Today we will talk about some special topics of Kurulus Osman last episode and what is going to happen in the next episode.

1/ The arrival of the Mongol army – The Mongol commander Yakub came to the settlement Osman Bey and his family were present there. Mangal tells Commander Yakub Bey that you have become a sultan and you will pay taxes from now on.

Then, when Osman Bey refused to pay the tax, Yaqub Bey asked Osman Bey to pay another 20000 rupees more for paying the tax. As Osman Bey held a knife to his throat, Yaqub Bey asked Osman Bey to release the commander. The Mongol commander was informed that Osman Bey would release him and pay all taxes himself. The Mongol commander Osman Ber left after being assured.

2/ Osman Bey Gold Theft – The basis behind Osman Bey’s declaration of taxation was the gold coins from the treasure. Urhan Bey and Holofera came to Yenisehi Palace together with the treasure. When Malhun Hatun found out that Holofera helped Urhan Bey recover from his injuries, Malhun Hatun expressed his gratitude to Holofera.

When Urhan Bey was injured we saw how much Holofera cared for Urhan Bey and it was proven that Holofera loved Urhan Bey too. But when Malhun Hatun was dissatisfied with Holofera, Malhun Hatun ordered Urhan Bey to arrange for Holofera to return to his native land.

Despite his love for Holofera, Urhan Bey was forced to obey his mother’s orders. And Holoferao does not decide to leave his love and go back to his native land. If Holofera wanted to stay, Urhan Bey could not convince Holofera by promising to explain to his mother, Malhun Hatun.

Under the guise of businessman Agar, Roman commander Osman Ber plans to steal gold from the treasury. Tekfur Valance steals the gold and imprisons Bynder Bey By doing this, his plan is to slowly kill all his people around Osman Ber. After injuring Boran Alp, he now strangles Bynder Bey.

Orhan Bey gets this gold coin from Baindar Ber jungle house. Kanur Alp gets a bag of gold from Byndar Ber Inesihar’s palace. When all these evidences were presented before Osman Bey, Osman Bey formed the court

Yakub Bey was also present at Osman Ber’s court. When all the evidence turned against him, he was sentenced to death All arrangements for execution of the judgment are completed as per the order. Then Osman Ber’s younger son, Alauddin Bey, got a proof that the theft and Boran Alp had been committed by Tekfur’s soldiers.

Bynder Bey was released Osman Bey had already trusted Baynder Bey. So Osman himself ordered Alauddin to find this secret. They were actually the soldiers of Tekfur Valens. All of them had a special tattoo on their neck. And on the basis of this evidence, Bynder Bey was released Osman Bey asks him to find the spy hidden in the palace.

3/ Paying taxes – When Osman Bey recovered the stolen coins, he set out to pay the entire nation’s taxes to the Mongol commander. Osman Bey was surprised when he approached the Mongol commander. In fact, this commander himself went to Yakub Ber settlement as a messenger that day. Commander Osman Bey saw the gold coin and asked how he got this coin.

The commander gets angry and demands to know more that his gold is being stolen and given to him. Osman Bey replied that it was his inherited coin. If Osman Bey wants to come, the commander informs him that he will not be allowed to come. Then Osman Bey says that he will not come to my territory and enforce the law on me.

Then the head will be separated from the neck. Hearing this, the Mongol commander went out to lay hands on Osman. Then Osman Ber pressed the Mongol commander’s head hard on the table. After the disguised Ayhan Bey arrived in Yenisehir, Osman Bey took Ayhan Bey with him to the new market on the Garmian border. Then he visited Kai Basti’s shop. And Ayhan Bey saw the new market and offered Usman Bey to buy all the shops on one side of the new market on the border.

4/ Bala Hatun’s recovery – Bala Hatun returns to Ineshihar from Sogut. Osman Ber goes to his daughter Fatima Sogu. He tells about the marriage of the brothers to Bala Hatun. Bala informs Hatun about Alauddin Bey and Gonza Hatun’s ongoing romance. Hearing about Bala Hatun Fatema, Bhishan was worried. Because Gonza does not like Bala Hatun. On the other hand Orhan Bay is also in Birhe. more

Orhan Bey has been harboring pain ever since Holfira Hatun left. In this situation, Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun decided to give their sons in marriage after consulting Osman Ber Kamara in Inesihar. Later, while eating, when Osman brought up marriage in front of him, Fatima said why should he see a girl. The girl is ready. After saying this, Orhan Bey gave food to Fatema Hatun’s mouth so that she could not speak any more.

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