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Watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 140 With English

Watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 140 With English

Assalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is well. You must have watched the 139th episode of the Kurulus Osman series; it is clear how great this episode was. This episode had suspenseful action and some emotional scenes. How great the attack was will be apparent from the ratings; as you can see on the skin, Kurulus Osman Vol 139 ranked 1st in all categories among all Turkish serials aired on Wednesday according to TRP ratings.

The episode ends at a point where the two Muslim rulers are fighting against each other by stepping into a trap. What’s going to happen in volume 140? In today’s video, we will try to analyze the first trailer of volume 140, inshallah. After watching the trailer of the new episode, the questions that have arisen are:

Will Osman Bey and Yaqub Bey fight against each other? Attempts are being made to kill the captive Alauddin Bey. How will he be saved? Will Zerkutay Alp really betray Osman Bey? Will Yaqub be able to catch the plan of the traitor Vasilis? Short answers to all questions will be given in today’s video, so keep watching till the end.

Watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 140 With English on Kayifamily UK

First, we will discuss the face-to-face battle between Yakub Bey and Osman Bey. At the end of the episode, we see that the traitor Vasilis has planned to fool Yakub Bey and turn him against Osman Bey. Planning there, Yaqub Bey is planning to kill Osman Bey.

How stupid he is. As we saw in the trailer for volume 140, Osman Bey and Yaqub Bey face off in a sword fight. Yakub Bey says, you are the victim today, and I am the hunter. On the contrary, Usman Bey says that one person will be alive today, either you or me. So what will be the fight?

The information does not say there will be no fight between them. There may be several reasons; firstly, Osman Bey will try to convince Yaqub Bey. Shakrar will tell about the trap. If Osman Bey was working with Mangal Commander, why is he fighting against Mangal Commander? If Osman Bey was really working with the Martians, why was he also shot with a poisoned arrow?

At this opportunity, Commander Karajalasun will escape. If Yaqoob Bey needs help understanding, all the other Beems can arrive just before the fight. As we saw in the last episode, all the other Beems speak for Osman Ber. Or Yaqub Bey may say to Osman Bey, I have captured your son Alauddin. If you fight, he will be harmed.

Kurulus Osman English Subtitles on Kayifamily UK

Then Osman Bey might hear about his son’s danger and surrender. But Osman Bey will hit Yaqub Bey, escape, and try to open the traitor’s trap. So that Yaqub Bey can understand the truth. After the first scene of the trailer, Osman Bey is seen, but Yaqub Bey is not seen again. And in another scene from the trailer, Mehmed Bey angrily slaps a soldier. He may come and report that Yaqub Bey has failed and that Osman Bey has done something.

Now, I will discuss about Alauddin Bey. He was attacked in his prison cell. Who did this attack? Who will save him? How did the traitor Vasilis escape?

As we saw in the last episode, Yakub Bey captured Alauddin Bey by stepping into the trap of the traitor Vasilis. And Mehmed Bey was tasked with monitoring the treacherous Vasilis and Alauddin Ber. Then, in the first trailer of Volume 140, we see some soldiers trying to kill Alauddin Bey in prison.

Who made this plan, and how? In another scene in the trailer, the leader of the crusaders, Ayhan Agha, plans with the Mangal commander, Osman Bey, to kill Alauddin Bey, who is closest to him. Because if he is killed in prison, all the blame will be on Yakub Ber. This will make Uthman Bey angry, and Uthman Bey and Yaqub Ber will have a final fight।

That’s why they will use Vasilis in the market। Vasilis’s plan was for Yaqub Ber to mobilize a crusader force to attack Alauddin Ber.। But there will be no harm to Alauddin Ber. Ganja Hatun will be there to save him, and he will save Alauddin Bey.।

On the one hand, the Shakras will fail in the war between Osman Bey and Yakub Ber; on the other hand, the Shakras will also fall in the plan to kill Alauddin Bey.। After all, the traitor Vasilis will realize he is almost caught and can escape from Basti; Mehmed angrily slapping the soldier in the trailer may be because of the traitor Vasilis’ escape.। Gonja Hatun will also try hard to resolve the feud between Usman Bey and his father। Because even the wrong information given by Ganja Hatun has started a fire.

Now, I will discuss whether Zerkutay Alp will really betray Osman Bey. Before starting this topic, let’s say two things: In volume 139, we said that the antidote to this virus will be found in Zerkutay Alp.। Because he was a Martian commander। But that happened in the 139th episode।Besides, we said that the traitor Faisal would do something that would create a rift between Yakub Bey and Usman Ber, but such a tie was seen in volume 139.

Now, let’s discuss the issue of Jerkutay Alp. In the last episode, Yakub Bey Jerkutay Alp was sent to Usman Ber as a spy. Osman Bey Jerkutay Alp was also received.। So, will Zerkutay Alp really commit betrayal? First of all, Zerkutay Alp worked with Yakub Ber but never was against Osman Bey, never spoke against him.।

Maybe there may be anger and pride, but Alp never did in Zerkuta’s betrayal। We also saw at the end of the episode that when Alauddin Bey was being held captive, Jerkutay Alp did enough to free him. So such a faithful Alp can never betray Osman Ber। Even if betrayal is the plan of Osman Bey, it is through Zerkutay Alp that Osman Bey will bring Yakub Bey to the right path. Read Historical Content

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