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Kurulus Osman Episode 146

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 146 in English

Assalamu Alaikum, Dear viewers,

I trust you enjoyed the previous episode. However, the upcoming episode promises to be gripping as Osman Bey faces three or four imminent dangers. The trailer hints at escalating troubles for Osman, with direct betrayals from Yakub Bey, Cherkutai Bey, and Mehmed Bey. The Mongol forces are also intensifying their attacks against Osman Ber, showcasing their strength by targeting settlements one after another.

The next episode is poised to be excellent with these compelling storylines. Yaqub Bey’s anger towards Osman Bey for declaring independence as a beylik sets the stage for a showdown, jeopardizing Osman Bey’s honor. A secretive game unfolds as Osman Bey meets the Tekfurs, aiming to secure their loyalty in a potential alliance against the Mongols.

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 146 in English

Osman Bey, despite gaining trust due to his independent declaration, finds himself surrounded by enemies. His popularity wanes, and Yaqub Bey Bishan becomes distraught over Osman Bey’s rise. Osman Bey strategically plans to conquer new territories, eliminate the Mongol threat, and expand his independent beylik. Behind him are 6/7 small Turkish settlements, though their numbers in Alps and horses are limited. Osman Bey fosters economic cooperation by providing gold coins to these settlements.

To fortify his independent beyliks, Osman Bey establishes an army headquarters, appointing Kanur Alp as its leader. Additionally, he assigns Malhun Hatun to Inesihar Bazar, Bala Hatun to Sogut Bazar, and Alauddin Bey as a detective to monitor Yakub Ber. Osman Bey instructs Alauddin Bey to conceal Princess Maria in a secret location, but complications arise when Cherkutai Bey unexpectedly appears.

Kayifamily TV Kurulus Osman Episode 146 in English

Mehmed Bey and Gonza Hatun observe the scene from a distance, leaving two spies behind as they return to the settlement with Yakub Ber. Osman Bey’s eldest son, Orhan Ber, faces consequences for rebellious behavior but is spared for the safety of Ineşihar.

Yakub Bey utilizes his sons, daughters, and Cherkutai in the search for Princess Maria. Cherkutai, displaying his probing skills, may hold the key to a potential betrayal in the next episode. Meanwhile, Alauddin Bey’s intentions are discovered, leading to conflicts within the family.

Kayi TV Kurulus Osman Episode 146 in English

Orhan Bey, withdrawing from the Mongol army with Holofia, finds himself on a special mission as Karajalasun leaves the camp. The Mongol forces attack Ineshihar, creating a fearful environment with looting and killings. Osman seeks guidance from Yunus Emre, listening to Quranic Hadith quotes on various topics. Thank you.

Kurulus Osman Information:

  • Type: TV series
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Broadcast: Thursdays at 20:00 (Turkiye)
  • Producers: Mehmet Bozdağ
  • Licensors: ATV Studios: Bozdağ Film
  • Genres: Historical, Drama, Action
  • Duration: 140 minutes

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