Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

Watch Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

Yalniz Kurt Season 2 Episode 23 English Subtitles

Yalniz Kurt with English Subtitles

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

I concept of you, now no longer myself. failed to it? Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles Is your hassle with Halit Bey or with me? I even have a hassle with each of you. Did you kill Abraham Muller? Menu. What can I get you? Did you kill Abraham Muller? What do you believe you studied? did I kill? I wasn’t positive. Did you kill? Do you’ve got got the energy to research the truth?

Always. That loopy companion of yours. Aaron Can. He killed it. What is that? Didn’t you trust it? Am I to trust that Harun Can is the murderer? Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles The guy has a military of mercenaries at his disposal. Why would not you trust it? It’s a respectable company. It coordinates resources for civilians in conflict zones.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

It offers safety to volunteer staff. Like you, the kingdom does not kill human beings for taste. You gave the verdict. According to you, I’m a hitman operating for the kingdom. Really? I assume it is like that. Otherwise, how are you going to be so comfortable? I do now no longer paint for anyone.

But it appears to me that you are all beneath neath the command of Halit Yıldırım. What do you say, ma’am? These human beings needed to go away from their homes. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles Because of conflict. All the Humanist Foundation does is assist them. Do you apprehend? Halit Yıldırım is the use of your basis as a front.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

Can you apprehend this? To begin a brand new conflict. Other. Trained terrorists who will hearthplace missiles from Turkey to Greece also are beneath neath the safety of your basis. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles How ought you accuse me of waging conflict?

If I had concept you had been worried on purpose, I would not be sitting throughout from you proper now. Thanks. At least you believe you studied I’m innocent. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 with English Subtitles I’m positive today. So assist me. How dare you? We are each anti-conflict. Are you anti-conflict?

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

You blocked the resource convoy in Syria. It wasn’t enough, you abducted Abraham with a gun in your hand. You do not sound very pacifist to me. I did my nice to guard the pursuits of the Turks. What does Turkish hobby mean? It was the health of eighty-five million human beings residing in this country. It was peace.

It was peace. You are a Turkish. Of course, I am. What else might I be? I’m sorry, however, you are a fascist. So you are calling me a fashion? Yes. Fasho. That’s precisely what I’m saying. You are a hitman operating for the deep kingdom with a gun in your waist. I surrender. Then shoot me.

Yalniz Kurt Season 2 Episode 23 English Subtitles

You store the arena from a fascist. Don’t communicate nonsense. Remove this, please. Coming right here changed into a large mistake. Aren’t you okay? I’m fine, allow me to go. Everyone remains down. What are you doing? I should forestall him earlier than he harms anyone. Calm down. Everyone, calm down. You come to the back.

Please calm down. Nothing will happen. Mom, come, come, come, you visit the back. Please calm down, it is okay. Come to my lamb, come there’s nothing. Come come. Please live down, all and sundry remains down. Nothing. Calm down, calm down. You all please.

Yalniz Kurt Season 2 Episode 23 English Subtitles

Calm down, are you okay? It’s over, do not worry. Is it OK? Yes. Oh my God. Who changed into that guy? What did he need from you? It wasn’t after me. He shot at you in extensive daylight hours amongst such a lot of human beings. You endangered everyone. “He wasn’t after me,” I say. What changed in the after then?

You had been the target, Meryem. Now pay attention to me. The risk has passed. Everything is fine. Hello? My supervisor is Altay. Where are you son? Nerem Johnson changed into attacked. The lady is fine. Man down. The police officers may be right here soon, you forestall them. No one however us. Let them now no longer difficult to understand the evidence.

Yalniz Kurt Season 2 Episode 23 English Subtitles

Okay, I’m preventing the crew that got here there. I’m sending my personal crew. Do you understand who the attacker is? Mary changed into the remaining individual to satisfy Abraham Muller. He may also have something to do with the murder. Don’t get stuck without understanding the details. Just ship the address.

We’re going in your commander, Enver. You’re welcome, my supervisor. Are the police coming? They’ll be right here soon. I knew as a person I trust. I do not need your deep steps. I need kingdom police. I knew as the police chief, Meryem. Who may need to harm you? How ought I understand?

I stored such a lot of lives. I even have stepped at the veins of a variety of trouble. Give me my photo. live with me. Why? Maybe we’re going to discover a clue. Alright. Keep it. You simply study it. You will in no way see me once more after this. Sir Dogan? You understand hawk hill. If you come, we’re going to communicate there.

Thanks. The operation at the Stinger missiles continues. We ought to have a robust hand withinside the anxiety among Turkey and Greece, for you to pass the stones. Our brother Yucel will make a contribution to this issue. The Supreme Consul You were given to understand our Brother Yucel. Now it is time for him to get to understand you too.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

Hopefully. Rashid Handmade. He is the strategic adviser of the consul. Its roots withinside the Ottoman Palace are our bond with history. In addition, it’s far our mild and our forward-seeing eye withinside the duties that the consul will adopt withinside the steps he’s going to take. Mr. Karacabey compliments.
What subjects is the direction proven via way of means of the only who holds the mild? We can simplest wager further. Without ignoring the margin of error, of course.

Unfortunately, we’re all human, Brother Rasheed. To err is in our essence. Don’t we take a seat down on the equal desk in order that we are able to watch every other’s mistakes, Mr. Karacabey?

Muammar Surrender. Also called Muammar Hodja. It is the principal actor of the actual property marketplace in touch with the entire world. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles He is likewise a fairly professional highbrow in the price of academia in Turkey. The country academy in Turkey is nicely known. Understand how proficient I am. Halit Yildirim.

Yalniz Kurt Season 2 Episode 23 English Subtitles

The public diagnosed him as Beyazıt Yenişehir. It protects the Supreme Council withinside the criminal field. He additionally takes amazing obligation in execution. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles Due to our origin, we had many not unusual place buddies withinside the past. I desire the brotherhood of the consul Hopefully. Peyami Environmentalist. Media sports and public opinion control by skip thru his hands.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

If the digital digicam had now no longer been invented, Peyami could have sorted it for sure. Why? Out of a film buff? No. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in English Subtitles Out of my interest approximately mystery lives. What occurs at the back of closed doorways adjustments the arena, Yücel Director. you know. Five humans you do not know might be surprised.

But Peyami catches up. Ghani Written. The consul’s door to the trendy world, to the next day and change. It follows online betting, gambling, virtual cash, and the arena financial system second through second. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in English Subtitles Money does now no longer sleep. I do not sleep either. In the order I set up, I run younger and shiny minds 24 hours a day.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

In this new virtual world, the vigilante snatches the cash. Yes. Since the acquaintance bankruptcy is over, suitable good fortune for the brand new time period of the consul. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in English Subtitles The Sèvres plan is a destiny that become disrupted a hundred years ago. It will come lower back to the table. Turkey can’t break out of this.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles

We might be one step in the direction of Sevres whilst the Turkish army’s Stinger missiles are fired from Turkey to Greece. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in English Subtitles What is the essential issue, our boy? Altai. Your commercial enterprise is going for walks hard. These are grotesque things, Ahmet. If there has been a clean way, could he live in Altay? Thanks.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 English Subtitles



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