Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 English Subtitle

Watch Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 English Subtitle

Yalniz Kurt English Subtitle

Kurulus Osman all Episode English Subtitles

Nowadays Turkish Series has become very popular all over the world. The Yalniz Kurt series is one of them. Yalniz Kurt series is an action TV Series that is going on the Turkish popular TV channel ATV. Already it’s passed its First Season. In the first season, it had 20 Episodes. after A break now second is on. We start to make Yalniz Kurt with English Subtitles.

Yalniz Kurt Season 2 Episode 25 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman all Episode English Subtitles
Kurulus Osman all Episode English Subtitles

The series is about the struggle against Goliath, a global imperial power that changed the borders of countries on the map, divided countries into small pieces, overthrew governments with a coup and established puppet governments that were his own, deceived people in the name of Allah, and established terrorist organizations and communities.

Yalniz Curt CAST

Sare Türkmen ( Damla Colbay ): She is the twin who emerged after Esra’s death. He is a member of the orphan wolves.
Mary ( Jessica May )
Doğan Sakınmaz ( Murat Han ): He is a small-time mafia boss. He is fighting with Altai against Goliath.
Baris Serbey ( Yalcin Hafizoglu )
Harun Karacabey ( I Saw Altan )
Peyami Environmentalist ( Gökçe Özyol )

Ahmet Hemşinli ( Hilmi Özçelik ): He is the Chief of Police .
Sefer ( Deniz Evin ): He is Doğan’s right-hand man.
Kavak ( Sabahattin Yakut ): He is Doğan’s man.
Reşat ( Dogu Can ): He is the cleaner who works at Doğan ‘s boxing venue.
Akif ( Göktan Oktay Göztepe ): He is a street child who Altay helps.
Tekin Giritli (Viking) ( Kürşat Alnıçık ): He is a former commissioner. He is currently the founder and director of an intelligence unit for the state. watch Urdu Subtitles

Mira ( Yaprak Medina ): She is Halit Yıldırım’s assistant. He is in love with Altay.
Ela ( Almina Günaydın ): She is the daughter of Esra and Levent.
Aybars ( Erdem Yılmaz ): He is one of the orphan wolves raised by Vikings.
Halit Yıldırım / Beyazıt Yenişehir ( Göker Ersivri / Uğur Çavuşoğlu ): Uncle of Altay and number 5 of Goliat . He used to be Davut Bahadır’s assistant.

Series Produced by: Berrak Basar and Osman Sinav

Yalniz Kurt English Subtitle



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