Kurulus Osman Season 5 with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman 132

Kurulus Osman Episode 132 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 English Subtitles

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After a long gap of 4 months, Kurulus Osman Season 5 is back on air. It is a very happy feeling for all the Kurulus visitors. Today we will discuss the various topics of the last episode. How was the last episode?

Let’s start the discussion – first let’s discuss the first synopsis of Kurulus Osman Season 5. Alauddin Bey has a dream. Although the dream worries him. But he wakes up and sees his sister Fatema. Fatima makes her brother drink water and helps him get back to normal. At that time, Orhan Bey was practicing swordsmanship.

At such a time the Konur Alp appears there. That surprised everyone. When Konur Alp starts training with Orhan Ber, the audience starts to get excited. Through this, Orhan Ber gets proper training and is able to prove his worth. Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey were preparing themselves for the future expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

Osman Bey is shown after about 15 minutes of skin time this season. Osman Bey began to plan the conquest of new forts. Malhun Hatun continued to discuss various aspects of the plan as his aide. In this context it is good to mention that Bala Hatun is suffering from a disease. So he is kept under intensive care in a healing center some distance from Prasad in Ineshihar. Alauddin Bey was upset because of this. He is deprived of his mother’s love.

Sultan Masud had a conversation with Alauddin Bey. Meanwhile, Sultan Masud gave the map of the state treasury to Osman Ber as a deposit. Meanwhile, before Alauddin came out with Sultan Masud, Yakub Bey’s daughter took a seal from the Sultan’s ring over the letter. We will have to wait for the next episode to see what direction this incident takes.

2nd thing that can be discussed is a message from Konya to Osman Bey. Osman Ber suddenly received a special message from Konya. Where it was written about the physical condition of Sultan Masud. Sultan Masud was poisoned. His condition is very critical. He can die anytime.

After hearing this, Osman Bey quickly sat in his Bayelik meeting. On the advice of all, Alauddin Bey was sent to Konya to the Sultan. Meanwhile, Yakub Beyo sent his daughter to Konya to become Sultan. Both of them went to Konya and asked Sultan Masud for his recommendation on who should succeed them.

Osman Bey sent Orhan Bey to the unflagged party in the border area. Osman Bey’s objective is to bring this party under his control. Osman Bey sent Orhan Bey for this purpose. Suddenly there is another news about finding Cherkutai Alp which has been missing for a long time near Osman Bey. A spy disguised as a businessman comes to Osman Bey. He gives Osman Bey the necklace of Cherkutai Alp and tells him to find it.

Osman Bey is suspicious but he believes his news. Osman Bey Boran left with some troops including Alp. They stay the night at Sogu and meet Bala Hatun there. Seeing Bala Hatun’s physical condition brought tears to Osman’s eyes. He makes all necessary arrangements for the physical well-being of Bala Hatun. Osman Bey, who disguised himself as a merchant, was a soldier of Tekfur.

Osman Bey Lekof entered the fort. There, Tekfur requested Zelon to free Cherkutai Alp. In return, he wants to give Jaylon 2 boxes full of gold coins. At that time, Tekfur addressed Osman Bey and said that your soldiers will die and you will die today Saying this they attacked Osman Ber.

In response, Osman Bey took out his sword. According to their plan they defeated and captured all the Alps including Osman Bey. At that time other influential Beys including Yakub Bey entered the fort. They rescued Osman Bey. Yaqub Bey Osman then approached the Seljuk Amir demanding his allegiance. In response Osman Bey disobeyed and left.

When Orhan Bey was sent to the flag-bearers Takham Osman Bey said the task will be difficult for you. Orhan Bey reveals himself to the group of flag bearers. Then tell them the reason for coming. They attacked Orhan Ber. Orhan Bey resisted their attack. Then they asked Orhan to attack the caravan to prove his competence.

Orhan Bey agreed. Orhan Bey approaches Palki when he attacks the caravan He finds Holofia inside the palanquin. Then they remember their childhood. Orhan Bey then surrendered Holofia to the flag-bearers to fulfill his purpose, if not at first.

Orhan Ber saw this battle strategy and the flag bearers allowed Orhan Bey to stay with them. But then they did not meet Osman Ber. In the meantime, Muhammad, son of Yakub Ber, appeared there and asked Holofia to be handed over to him. Orhan Bey could not accept that. But because of the orders of his father Osman Ber, he remained silent.

The most distressing scene in this episode was Bala Hatun’s sick scene. A heartbreaking scene unfolds when Osman Ber is talking to Bala Hatun. To a man, his first love, his first wife, can be understood as a place of love.

And the second scene was Cherkutai Alp’s son’s conversation with his mother. Since Cherkutai Alp was missing for a long time, the little child kept asking his mother about his father. His mother kept silent and just hugged her son and started crying.

Meanwhile, when all the children in the settlement are to be circumcised, Cherkutai Alp’s son, Osman Ber, makes a proposal. He will not be circumcised until their father returns. Hearing this, Osman Bey agreed. The audience must have cried to see a baby child and his mother’s wet tears for the father. MORE

In the next episode, we will know whether Osman Bey will accept Yakub Bey as Sultan? Can Orhan Bey bring the flag bearer under his control? Cherkutai Alp was freed? Where was Holofia kept with whom? Osman Bey Telak will take any action to win the fortress?. Alauddin Bey can do his job properly or not?

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Kurulus Osman Episode 132 English Subtitles




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