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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles


A few examples of how difficult it is to rule a country and how many problems have to be solved to move the state forward are seen in this episode. Sultan Alp Arsalan is facing one new problem after another. He is trying to get rid of it. Without solving this problem, new problems are appearing.

In this episode, when Sultan Alp Arsalan went to Siraj and saw Amir Faizullah’s body hanging, he questioned Kaburt Bey. But he threw dust in Sultan Alp Arsalan’s eyes. Alp Arsalan couldn’t think of anything else but to believe his words. On the way back from the Sultan, a group of soldiers again attacked the Sultan. Here too he plays a lie in front of Sultan Alp Arsalan Ber.

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It is very scary when the people around you cheat from the inside. That’s exactly what was happening. With Sultan Alp Arsalan. By his side, Mardan and his father were cheating again and again. But every time the Sultan failed to understand it. Meanwhile, Sultan Alp Arsalan was unable to solve the new problem that had arisen with Avar Alp.

Avar Alp is kept in jail That banker is kept there. Meanwhile, Leon makes a new plan. Leon asks to kill the woman who entered the palace that day, posing as Murray’s wife. Who uses the spies that Leon sends inside the slaves. Count Leon orders Bonnie to be killed in prison.

Accordingly, the spies first started quarreling among themselves. By doing this, the Seljuk soldiers imprisoned them. However, before coming to the prison, they brought small knives and lockpicks with them. When they are kept in jail they wait for nightfall.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 55 English Subtitles

At night they first unlock their room and go out. Then Bonik went to Zeko’s room and killed him. Then they killed all the soldiers in the prison At last they entered Avar’s outer room. When they entered Avar’s outer room, they came dressed as soldiers of the Seljuk state.

Avar Bey is said to be being taken to the dungeon by order of the Sultan. Avar agrees to one word and starts walking with them. Avar Bey went a little further and saw through the gap of a room that the guards had been killed. Then he started talking to the two spies. They hit Avar Bey on the head and knocked him unconscious. The spies took Avar Bey out of the palace and through a secret tunnel to Leon.

Meanwhile, Sultan Alp Arsalan dreams at night that he is running to Avar Berd. A man stands outside Ava. Sultan Alp Arsalan shoots him with an arrow. The first arrow hit him in the back. Then shot the second arrow. But he is holding the noose around Avar’s neck.

Then as Sultan Alp Arsalan Bey moved closer, he removed the piece of wood from under Avar Ber’s feet. By doing this, the rope of Fasir got stuck in the throat of Sultan Alp Arsalan’s elaborate Alp Avar.

Seeing this scene, Sultan Alp Arsalan woke up. He quickly sat down in fear. Seferia Hatun, who is sleeping next to him, asks him what happened to Sultan. Sultan Alp Arsalan went to prison in the morning without answering him. But before he can enter the prison, two of Leon’s spies once again break into their room in the prison.

and locks out. And they kept the knife with them in the cell of other prisoners. When Sultan Alp Arsalan ordered a search of the prison, they were suspicious because the knife was in another prisoner’s room. But the original two spies survived.

Meanwhile, a new plan is made so that the Christians of Ray City do not have anger toward Sultan Alp Arsalan. The Sultan takes all the detectives behind the woman who incriminates Avar Bey. So that women can move very easily.

And everything was shown to the pope to bring the sultan to his side and lay the truth before him. When all the soldiers were removed from behind the woman, she went to meet Leon. Leon gets angry at her. Leon asks the woman why she has come. In response, the woman shows a message.

Originally this message was sent to him by Sultan Alp Arsalan. So that he goes to Leon. And Sultan Alp Arsalan can show the priest that Count Leon is behind all these conspiracies. When Leon sees the message, he kills the woman It was able to explain to Sepheriah Hatun the priest. The priest goes to Leon to pay his respects. Then he comes back.

When he returns, Leon sends his commander behind him. He arrives and finds the priest Seferia talking to Hatun. He will tell the truth in court. Then Leon started a new plan. That is to carry out a suicide bombing in the court. And for that, he calls a man. This is done by holding his daughter and Sthi as hostages. And this episode ends with this bombing scene.

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