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Alparslan Episode 61 in English


Assalamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters.Hopefully you all are very happy that Alp Arslan Volume 60 is released after a long wait. Today we will discuss the important parts of Volume 60.

  1. Sultan Alp Arslan conquers the fort of Ahlat and advances towards Egypt, ceasing the war in Anatolia:

Sultan Alp Arslan, after conquering Vaspurakan, Surmari and Ani, did not stop his conquests. After Eni, he marched towards Anatolia. He began to conquer the fortresses one by one to make Anatolia a Muslim land of the Seljuk Empire. At the beginning of volume 60 we see Sultan Alp Arslan conquer Ahlat Durg. Just then a letter arrived from the Vizier of Egypt, asking Sultan Alp Arslan to march towards Egypt. Because there is an internal conflict within the Muslim Ummah.

Unity among Muslims has been destroyed. In order to bring the entire Muslim nation under one banner and unite, Sultan Alp Arslan decided to cease fighting in Anatolia and began preparations to move towards Egypt.

  1. Release of the rebel Roman Diojanus, marriage to Queen Evdokia and accession to the throne as King of Constantinople:

Defying the orders of Kaiser Dukas and fighting the Seljuks and losing the fortress of Eni, Roman Diozan was declared a rebel and sentenced to life imprisonment. When Kaiser Dukas died, Queen Evdokia freed the rebel Diozan and pardoned all crimes to preserve her power.

Then Queen Evdokia married the Roman Diogenes and installed him as Kaiser of Constantinople. However, the nobles, tekfurs and common people of Constantinople The rebel Roman dislikes Diogenes.
In order to win everyone’s hearts, Kaiser Diozan decided to recover the lands he had lost in Anatolia.
In the absence of Sultan Alp Arslan, he ordered several Tekfurs and commanders to attack from all sides to recover the lands he had occupied. Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 61 in English

  1. Sultan Alp Arslan’s first steps to unite the Muslim Ummah:

Sultan Alp Arslan left half of his army in Anatolia and marched towards Egypt. On the way to Egypt, Seferia Sultan went into labor and gave birth to Seferia Sultan and Sultan Alp Arslan’s 2nd son. Sultan Alp Arslan named the 2nd son “Ayaz”.

His first project was after going to Egypt. Amir Mahmud bin Merdaser, ruler of the city of Aleppo, pledged allegiance to Sultan Alp Arslan. Hisham, the emissary of the vizier of Egypt, took responsibility to solve this problem. Hisham was originally working as a spy for Constantinople. Hisham went to Aleppo and offered Amir Merdas to pledge his allegiance to Sultan Alp Arslan and meet him.

Ambassador Hisham tells a lie to create enmity between Sultan Alp Arslan and Amir Merdas. That is: Amir Merdas would be killed even if he pledged allegiance to Sultan Alp Arslan. Believing Hisham’s words, Sultan Alp rejected Arslan’s proposal. Sultan Alp Arslan sent envoys to Amir Merdas for the 2nd time but the 2nd time also gave the same reply.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 61 in English

Then Yakuti Bey suspect Hisham the envoy that there is any Jamela in the envoy Hisham. Because Sultan Alp Arslan believed that Amir Merdas would pledge his allegiance to him. Because Amir Merdas had been reciting Sultan Alp Arslan’s sermons since the beginning. Then the Yakut emissary takes Hisham’s pichu and confirms to Amir Merdas that the emissary originally caused the misunderstanding.

The messenger sent Hisham to Amir Merdas for the third time to arrest him. Advise to fight against Sultan Alp Arslan together with ambassador Hisham Konashtontipol. Meanwhile, Kaiser Roman Diozhan sent an army from Constantinople to help Amir Merdas. As Sultan Alp Arslan realized that there was a conspiracy going on, Alp Arslan and Amir Merdas together ensnared the army of Constantinople and the ambassador Hisham. resisted the army and killed the envoy Hisham. more

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 61 in English





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