Alparslan Episode 38

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 38 English Subtitles


At the beginning of the volume I find that, after the conquest of Vaspurakan, Alperslan Bey rolled up his sleeves to build Vaspurakan as a Turko-Islamic city and began to work for the city’s prosperity by specializing in trade.

While Alperslan Bey was completing these works, the ruler of Bukhara, Arsalan Yusuf from Karahan, was persuaded by Ani, Gregor’s new Tekfur, and attacked to capture the city of Belh from the Seljuks.

Due to the conflict, the Seljuks gained and Arsalan Yusuf was captured. It was Arsalan Yusuf who had so far raided the Seljuks and killed Ibrahim Inal’s father Yusuf Inal.

Ibrahim Inal must kill his father’s murderer, Arsalan Yusuf, not be imprisoned. Will the Seljuks regard this as an attempt by the Karakhanids, or will they notice that Grigor is behind it?

The settlement that was established between the sultans of the 2 kingdoms after the conflict would completely change the life of Seferia Hatun, daughter of Alperslan Bey and Arslan Yusuf.

Will Seferia Hatun be amenable to this marriage, unable to stop herself from ruining her father’s life? How will Alperslan Bey, whose hearth burns to ashes in Aksa’s coronary heart, amend this marriage that was forced upon her by order of Sultan Tughrul?

The new ruler of Ani, Grigor, arrived in the country of Ani to begin his duties with his son, general Alexander, but with the plan he instituted, it appears that he has been following politics here for a very long time.

What will be the new plans of Gregor, who needs to demonstrate the stability of power in the area on his side by creating an internal war between the Turks by attacking the Seljuks of the Qarakhanids?

What role will his son Alexander play in these plans? Can Nizamulmuk Bey, who retreated to the mountains after the martyrdom of Aqsa and suffered, and cast his pain into himself, reunite with Alperslan Bey?

What will Alperslan Bey do to get his brother back among them?

On his return from Surmari Han, Alperslan Bey best met Seferia Hatun and warned him not to wander outside of Vaspurakan unannounced.

Seferia Hatun, alternatively, resisted Alperslan Bey and said he would not serve his sentences, and when Alperslan Bey insisted, Seferia Hatun stabbed him.

So, Seferia Hatun expected Alperslan Bey to surrender after the wedding. Will Seferia’s plan come true?

As for Alexander’s new transfer, will Alperslan Bay be able to answer? Inal Bey, who has become more powerful with the arrival of Oak, is not too happy with his obligations due to the governor of Azerbaijan.

He feels that these duties are given to abstain from the throne and he objects. Is it time for Inal to behave, or will he step his team up?

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 38 English Subtitles

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