Al Sancak Episode 16

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

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As we see at the beginning of the Bolume, Ali Commander captures Elizabeth, but Nadia Ivanova stands in the way of taking Elizabeth to the Turkish court. Nadia vows to Ali Commander that she will not let her mother, Elizabeth, be taken away. As Ali Commander and Nadia argue between themselves, Elizabeth goes to shoot Ali Commander and Ali Commander reverses.

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

Elizabeth and her thugs tip, causing Ali to be wounded by the Commander, and Elizabeth to be wounded in the chest. Elizabeth was seriously injured. Nadia Ivanova then gets very angry with Commander Ali because Elizabeth is her mother, she thinks. Nadia Ivanova is busy with her mother, meanwhile Sajid Commander directly orders Ali Commander to bring her as a prisoner if Nadia does not allow her mother to be taken.

Ali Commander was still trying to convince Nadia to bring Elizabeth only as a prisoner. But Nadia Ivanova did not agree. Meanwhile, two cars of terrorists came and attacked Ali Commander. When Ali Commander is trapped there in the hail of bullets, Nadia escapes with her mother. Not knowing where to go with her mother, Nadia calls Lilith, when Lilith mentions a place, Nadia takes her mother there. And there his mother, Elizabeth, was treated and slowly nursed back to health.

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

Meanwhile, the claws attack Tim Boran’s house. There is a brilliant plan where the claws break into Tim Boran’s house to capture him. But Boran had made a tunnel in his room, through which he escaped. Then the attack as planned by the claw team failed.

When they told the matter to Commander Sajid, Commander Sajid tasked Busra to find out the whereabouts of Boran. Then Busra confirmed with the help of his technology that Boran Ali Commander was escaping through the nearby jungle.

Sajid then ordered Commander Ali to find him and bring him to the headquarters himself. Meanwhile, when Boran was running away through the middle of the jungle, Ali Commander caught him. and wounded him by shooting him in the leg. Then captured and brought to headquarters.

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

The Claw team is overjoyed to capture Boran. And they don’t decide to have a barbecue party. So they made a box and started collecting subscriptions from everyone. Everyone was pouring money there according to their ability. But Genghis commander secretly took 50 lira. But Commander Salim caught it. And forcibly collected 300 lira from him.

The scene is very funny. Collecting all the money, Nakhor team organizes a barbecue, there is a very beautiful moment in the scene, but at the end of the scene, it becomes sad because Salim Commander, who has been hiding the fire of love inside him for a long time, is for Asli Commander. He finally proposes to the original commander, but the original commander rejects it due to his responsibility, the original commander Selim tells the commander who he puts in charge first. Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

So even if he loves, he can’t go ahead with it. Commander Salim was devastated after hearing this, but accepted his fate. Meanwhile, Genghis loves Commander Eilul, but he learns that Eilul will go abroad with his dreams in the future. So Genghis Commander realizes he will move towards his dream. This made Genghis Commander very sad.

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

Meanwhile Sedef and Araz who have passed the test of their love, this time they are supposed to inform Sedef’s brother Ali Commander about this, so they were waiting for Ali Commander at the barbecue party, but Ali Commander called and informed that he will not come. Araz was devastated hearing this, as he had come with a lot of preparations. But when they later went to Ali Commander’s house and told the matter to Ali Commander, he was surprised and said that he will look into the matter later. Watch Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

Elizabeth, meanwhile, recovers and orders Lilith and Nadia to kill Borhan, as he is now a prisoner, a great risk to Ahtaput. They come to Turkey to complete the task, but Boran is too clever so he doesn’t have a sick tablet through his lawyer, and swallows it. and fell ill.

As Boran was taken to the hospital by the prison police, Boran’s terrorist group attacked the ambulance and the police. Then his army did not save him from there. Commander Sajid was very angry after knowing this. And Elizabeth is very happy. But when Ali Commander hears the matter, he assures that Boran will now go to see his children first.

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

So Ali Commander went out in search of his house and found his house. When Boran came home to see his children, Ali Commander captured him. But as Lilith and Nadia arrive to join Boran on Elizabeth’s orders, Lilith sneaks up on the commander, knocking him unconscious. And Boran Ali escapes from the hands of Commander, on the contrary Ali is trapped by Commander Boran.

Boran Ali gives the commander too many shots. And asks him to tell where his children are. But Commander Ali took the children away to be handed over to the Turkish state. Because those children will never learn anything good from the terrorist called their father.

Al Sancak Episode 16 with English Subtitles

That’s why Ali Commander doesn’t admit where the kids are despite being so abused. Boran at one point kills Ali Commander to give him a shot. Basically Lilith Ali checks the commander’s breathing and says he is dead. Hearing this, Nadia was very surprised and angry. At that point the volume ends there.

We will see in Al Sancak next volume, That is Al Sancak Volume 16, is Ali Commander really dead? where are the kids The Claw team continues to try to reach Ali Commander, will they be able to reach him?Watch more

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