Al Sancak Episode 8

Al Sancak Episode 8 with English Subtitles

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The Al Sancak series was recently released on Turkey’s official TV channel TRT 1. The series will mainly show different aspects of the Turkish army’s heroism. Recently, various popular series are being aired in Turkey. Al sancak is one of them. We hope, this series will get huge popularity.

The series will be aired by Bozdag Film. Various popular actors have joined the series. The series will air on TRT 1 channel every Thursday night.

Al Sancak Episode 8 with English Subtitles: As many of you know, we are already broadcasting various series with English subtitles. English subtitles will be uploaded every Thursday within a few hours of the live broadcast of the series on the kayifamilyuk site. Those of you who want to watch Al Sancak English Subtitles keep an eye on our site. We will upload Al Sancak English Subtitles with Telegram, and Google Drive links in different resolutions. Visit kayifamilyuk.com regularly to support us. Watch more

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  1. Please upload episode 8 of Al sancak almost 3 days had been passed please don’t upload too late especially when u r uploading there series on time then y to delay this series only.

  2. comon guys why u dont publish episode 8 its a good seires and already got the 2nd place in wednesdays !

  3. What’s your problem it’s Wednesday today and episode 8 of Al sancak which was aired on last Thursday is not uploaded yet y so much delay agar ni upload kr sakty TU ye fake page delete karo ramdan mei bhi dhookybazi se bazi ni atay ho haad ha.

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