Alparslan Episode-40

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 40 English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 40 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 40 English Subtitles Kayifamilytv

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Alperslan Bey, who goes to Sultan Turul to talk about Yanal Bey, turns his attention to Besasi when he hears that Chagri is dead, and after a fierce battle is caught in a trap through Besasiri. How to get rid of Alp Arsalan Bay Besiri? Will those who want to save Alperslan reveal their identity?

Upon learning that Alperslan has been captured by Bay, Sefariye immediately steps in and tries to save him. When Grigor learns that Alperslan has been captured, he takes action and goes to meet Besasiriri.

What are Gregor’s plans for Alp Arsalan Bay? Will he leave it to Besasiri, or will he take it on himself? On the other hand, Sultan Turul arrives at Vaspurakan and tells Inal Bey that he himself has decided to take Vaspurakan. However, the naphtha dumped by Inal Bay changed things.

Yanal Bey, who will begin to take the first steps of his wooden walk with the oak, will try to provide what conditions to realize his ambitions? Inal Bey will learn that Alperslan Bey has been captured. Will Inal Bey wait for his biggest obstacle to disappear, or will he make a move to save Alperslan Bey? To get answers to all these questions, scroll down and watch the subtitles…

Alperslan Bey infiltrated Surmari with his plan and captured Alexander by putting the Byzantine soldiers to the sword and conquering the inn. He walks out, leaving Besiri in the middle of the flames. Is Besiri dead? Or found a way to survive?

Alperslan Bey marched a step further towards Ani with his victory. What are the current goals of Alperslan Bay? What will Grigor do when he finds out what is happening in Surmari? Will he surrender to Surmari or shed blood? Arslan Yusuf will take refuge in running away from Vaspurakan? Embarrassed by this, Seferie talks to Alperslan and Alperslan calms him down.

Will Seferie step in to bring her father back on the right path? Or will she completely erase him from her heart? When Inal didn’t find out what he expected from Sultan Turul about Vaspurakan, the rebellion was great, now it’s time to act. How will Inal Bey pursue this rebellion? Who will he cooperate with?

Believing that someone infiltrating them played a role in the Alperslan Bey kidnapping, Grigor goes mad and tells Batias, “Find him or we die! As a result of his research, Batias finds soldiers’ clothes in the church and claims that Stephanos’s entourage has doing the work

Will Stephanos be exposed, or will he find a way to resist this investigation? Will it be revealed that Selal, one of Turul’s privates, is actually Enursirvan, son of Altunjan Hatun? Will Celal, who was raised by Besiri and entered the palace in a rage because of his mother’s abandonment, reach his goal? How will he communicate with Turul and Altunjan Hatun? Watch Urdu Subtitles

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