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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

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At the beginning of the episode, many Christian people died and many people were injured due to such a big explosion in the city. While everyone is fairly well, Akina Hatun loses consciousness due to a head injury. Alp-Arsalan Bey ordered the investigation to begin.

Meanwhile, Count Leon was torturing Our Bey so much, he buried Our Bey in a big hole in the ground and kept only his head on the ground. Count Leon cut off Our Bey’s long hair, and put a camel’s skin on his head.

Avar Bey’s head feels very hot due to this skin. And they give Avar Bey a drink. Through this, it will be possible to subdue his knowledge. And then in his ear, Count Leon just kept saying, “You will kill Sultan Alp-Arsalan.” Basically, by saying this, Count Leon was trying to put this in Our Bey’s head.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Count Leon implements another plan, which is to impersonate another man who looks like Avar Bey and gives him Avar Bey’s arms and ring and tells him to attack the Seljuk villages, and that plan Accordingly started attacking the villages.

As a result of these attacks, Christians began to think of Muslims as oppressors. And where the man attacked, he declared that he would kill them all if the Bey of Sultan Alp-Arsalan, the Bey of Avar, son of Yamtar, did not collect the tribute.

When the matter reached Sultan’s ears, he sent Artuk Bey and Afsin Bey to investigate. They chased him and attacked another village only to see him from behind. And they think it’s actually ours. But later they found themselves wrong by believing in their own brother.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

They chased the man again and when he attacked the third village, Artuk Bey and Afsin Bey managed to catch him but lost to his strength. Later, while he was taking Artuk Bey and Afsin Bey captive, the man fell into a trap and was captured.

Originally the trap was that of Artuk Bay and Afsin Bay. When the man was brought before Sultan Alp-Arsalan, Alp-Arsalan Bey ordered him taken to the city of Ray for questioning.
Meanwhile, Alp-Arsalan Bey called a meeting and decided that he would attack Anyi. So Batur Bey ordered to prepare accordingly.

Meanwhile, Count Léon, thinking of how to hold off the Seljuks for a while as his wall work is short, asks Bagrat to take an army to Surmari, where he can hold off the Seljuks for a while. And Bagrat can remove the thorn in his path. Because he knows that if Bagrat goes to Surmari, Alp-Arsalan will attack him, and kill him.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Bagrat was marching towards Surmari with his army when the news reached the ears of Sultan Al-Arsalan, he set off with his army there. And on reaching Surmari, Sultan Alp-Arsalan invited Bagrat to convert to Islam.

But when he refused, he attacked and broke through the door, a great battle ensued, in which the army of Sultan Alp-Arsalan was victorious. and imprisoned Bagrat. Return and prepare to attack Sultan Alp-Arsalan Anyi.

Meanwhile, Count Leon has another plan, to kill Bishop Yorgo, because he did not die in the explosion, Count Leon orders his soldiers at the Seljuk Hospital to carry out this plan, but before they can execute this plan, they are given another task,

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

That is to burn the church in Ray town, they go to the church to do it but three people come there kill them and they burn the church, Seferiye Hatun comes to the scene and starts an investigation after getting the news, he inquires and finds out that the two in the hospital The slaves who came with the poor people were the last to come to the church.

Seferiye Hatun then remembered a quote from Alp-Arsalan Bey, where Alp-Arsalan Bey was saying “The night Avar Bey escaped. The two of them were imprisoned that night. They are likely to do this. Don’t take your eyes off them.”

Seferiye Hatun understands that this is their job. He then ran to the hospital because he realized they wanted to kill Bishop Yorgo as well. He went and saw that they really wanted to kill him. Bishop George survived only when he arrived in time. and the traitor was imprisoned.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Al-Arsalan left with his forces to attack Bey Ani. He and his army went in front of the fort and saw a huge wall. Which seemed unbreakable.

But as soon as Sultan Alp-Arsalan waved his hand, an explosive attacked the wall, and the wall broke down in the middle. When the scene changes, we see that the engineer who originally built this wall was a Seljuk spy.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

This engineer filled the bottom with gunpowder while building it. So that the wall collapses as soon as the ammunition hits. And after the fall of the wall, Alp-Arsalan and his army rushed there to attack, saying, Kizel Elma. At that point, the volume ends.

Alp-Arsalan Buyuk Seljuklu Volume 55 ends with these events, we will see in the next episode i.e. Alp-Arsalan Buyuk Seljuklu Volume 56, will it win. Avar Bay will be subdued? Will Avar Bey come to kill the Sultan? Will Bishop Yorgo wake up and testify?

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