Barbaros Hayreddin 12

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 12 English Subtitles

Hayreddin learns that Sayer will soon marry Kemankes and is very angry. Dervish tries to calm Hayreddin but fails. Hayreddin asks his soldiers to get information about the stolen cannons from the army and says he will go and stop Sayer. Luna says that she doesn’t trust Sahashuvar and starts asking him questions.

Sashshuvar says how he worked with Luna’s father earlier and says she is a reliable woman. Doctors see Yahya and Kaffir. Luna asks tough questions about Suleiman’s army. Sahasuvara says that these cannons are with Kemankes and he will help soon.

Barbaros Hayreddin Season 1 Episode 12 English Subtitles

Luna doesn’t understand this situation. Sahasuvara says Kemankes will help Luna soon. Luna says she trusts Sahasuvar and asks him to act immediately.

Charles still considers Batista a traitor, but the Pope calms him down. The king then goes to speak with Lomelino and asks him about the attack on the palace. Lomelino says he doesn’t remember anything and Batista would never do anything bad.

Hayreddin steps in to talk to Sayre, but when he sees soldiers on the streets of the city, he changes his mind. A man saw Hayreddin and took him to a house. This man says he is Yahya’s friend and tells Hayredin to be patient. Sahasuvara pacifies Sukuf and tells him that he will soon marry Kemankes.

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When Kemankes is about to marry Siyar, Hayreddin arrives and stops the wedding. When Sayare sees Hayreddin, she panics and says she will tell him everything. Murat runs in and says that Yahya was poisoned. Kemankes calms Hayreddin and tells him to leave the house using the back door.

Luna says she will gain more power to protect her family. Hayreddin’s family goes to the healing place and tries to talk to Yahya. Kemankes says someone has sent poisoned food into the dungeon. A doctor secretly talks to the cafe and asks him to tell the court what he knows.

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Kemankes says he will protect Kafer from now on. Aydin takes Orsini to Hayreddin. Hayreddin begins asking questions about the lumber stolen from the shipyard. Orsini says he bought the logs from Kemankes,

But he knows nothing about army artillery. Yarelli cuts off Orsini’s hand to punish him. Charles realizes that Batista is innocent and releases him. Batista immediately goes to talk to Lomelino and asks him what’s going on. Lomelino begins to tell all the facts and says that the Medici is the son of the Pope.

Batista says they should get the news to Barbaros immediately and start making a plan. Murat then goes to talk to Orsini and tells him that Barbarossa is in Paitahe.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 12 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Orsini realizes that Barbarossa is trying to find the army’s cannons and tells Murat to inform Doria immediately. Hayreddin says he needs to check the garrisons to find the stolen cannons and prepares to speak secretly with Hunkar. Doria tells Charles that someone is trying to steal the Ottoman cannon.

Charles says he will invade France with these cannons and sends Doria with Christopher to Pythagorean. Orsini then talks to Luzzatto and tells him that Barbarossa knows everything.

Luzzatto asks Orsini to go to court. Sear says he wants to marry Kemankes later and postpones the wedding. Kemankes says he will keep his promise to Saier no matter what. Barbarossa secretly goes to the palace that night.

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