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Hayreddin Episode 9 English

Muslims begin to pray in a mosque, but Spanish soldiers arrive. The judge ordered the arrest of Musa Bey for murder. Muslims objected to the soldiers. The judge stopped the Muslims and took Musa Bey to the dungeon. Doria learns that Musa Bey has been arrested and is overjoyed.

Doria says that Musa Bey will stay in the dungeons of the castle until the court. Murat Bey rushes to the palace and begins to tell what happened in the warehouse. Yahya Reiss is surprised to learn that the barrels contain gunpowder. Hatties leaves immediately to speak with Kemankes. Sear says the truth will come out soon, but Nazif doesn’t believe him. Nazife does not understand why Tuzkuzade did such a thing and starts blaming Kemankes. Saier stops his sister and says that Pasha is innocent.

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The Sultan calls Hayreddin to the palace and tells him that he will give him a new job. Dervish says he is very happy to see Sultan. The Sultan shows the map of Spain and begins to tell what happened in Granada. Sultan asks Hayreddin to save Musa Bey immediately. Hayreddin accepts the task and says he will find a way to enter the city. The Sultan then gave Hayreddin a letter and asked him to give it to Musa Bey’s wife.

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Doria ordered Barbarossa’s picture to be hung throughout the city. Judge Alexander says he has deployed extra guards at the entrance to the city. Hatties tells Kemankes that her daughters are innocent. Pasha said they found gunpowder in the warehouse. Hatties said they have been doing business for years and they have never smuggled before. Kemankes says he knows the women are innocent and will do his best in the matter. Yahya Reis asks Murat Bey questions about Tuzkuzad.

Hatties says the dice will help but they have to be patient. Murat Bey says that they should inform Hayreddin. Hatties says she won’t keep her son busy no matter what. Sashashuvar talks to Solomon and asks him to leave the city as soon as possible. Sigalzad tells Hayreddin what happened in Granada.

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Hayreddin says he has plans to enter the city and needs Luna’s help. Charles calls Batista and tells him that he must go to Granada. Batista doesn’t fully understand this situation. Pope says Musa Bey will be judged soon. Batista Ball, Musa Bey will be executed at the end of the trial.

The Pope stops Batista and tells him that Musa will be released after Bey’s trial. Charles gave the letter to the ambassador and told him to give it to Musa Bey. Pope says Hisham bey will kill Musa. Batista learns that Hisham Bey is a close friend of Musa Bey and prepares to leave.

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