Kurulus Osman Season 5Kurulus Osman Season 5 with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman 133

Kurulus Osman Episode 133

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 with English Subtitles

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Qurulus Osman asks Yaqub Bey Osman Ber for allegiance to become his emir at the beginning of episode 132. Essam Osman Bey replied that he would have to think about it And he will announce this decision later.

Yaqub Bay was angry at this. But Yakub Bey left Osman Bey without saying anything. Because he wants Osman to get loyalty first and then take punitive action against him For this reason, he accepted Osman’s invitation. Yakub Ber son forbids his father to go to this dawa, but the father does not comply with that request.

Ya’qub Bey ordered Osman Ber to make preparations to go to Inesihar the next day. Yaqub Bey asked his son Mehmed Bey to take a position with a large force at Ine┼čehir’s side. So that if there is any problem, Mehmed can attack Inesihar under the command of Yakub Ber

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 133 with English Subtitles

As Yaqub Ber said, his son Mehmed Bey continued to stand beside Inesihar with a large force. But with no signal from his father, the wait grew longer and longer.

Gunnja Hatun and Alauddin Bey went to the palace of Konya to meet the Sultan. First Gunnja Hatun entered the Sultan’s room with the help of the vizier and gave the Sultan’s seal to the letter instructing Yaqub Bey to become Sultan. Alauddin Bey secretly entered the Sultan’s room and spoke to the Sultan.

Sultan Alauddin Bey gave the map of the Seljuk state’s treasury for Osman Bey to deposit. The next morning the announcement came that the Sultan had died.

When Yakub Ber’s daughter heard this news, she followed Alauddin Ber. When Alauddin Bey entered an inn to rest, Yakub Ber’s daughter also arrived. Jacob Ber’s daughter lays a trap The food given to Alauddin Bey was mixed with sedatives to make them sleepy

Then a soldier entered Alauddin Ber’s room and took a letter with an envelope from Alauddin Ber’s side. When Alauddin went out after him, the soldier ran away.

Kayifamily UK Kurulus Osman Episode 133 with English Subtitles

Alauddin Bey kept the map hidden from him inside his chest. And in the envelope of that letter was a fake letter. That basically Alauddin Bey did this to fool people and keep the original map. When Alauddin Bey came out of the Sultan’s palace, Yaqub’s daughter pursued him.

For that he made the plan of fake letter. Seeing the forged letter, Yakub Ber’s daughter again prepared to attack Alauddin Ben. So he plays a horse race with Alauddin Ber, basically his aim is to get the map from Alauddin Ber. Alauddin Bey understood the plan and entered the competition but kept his map to himself and returned to his mother Bala Hatan in Sogu.

Bala Hatun was praying when Alauddin Bey went to visit his mother Bal Hatun. He was overcome with emotion when he saw his son. However, he forbade his son to hug him but Alauddin Bey kissed his mother’s hand as a respectful hug.

Kurulus Osman Episode 133

Bala Hatun gets news of Sultan’s palace in Konya from Alauddin Ber. Bala Hatun informed Alauddin Bey that Osman Bey was pressuring him to accept Yaqub’s allegiance.
Orhan Baye returned to Ineshihar without fulfilling the duties given to him by his father. Orhan Bey hurried back to Inesihar’s palace, taking Holofia with him. Osman Bey became angry with him.

Cherkutai leaves Bey free but he himself comes and moves out of Ineshihar with his family. He blames Osman Bey and says why he was not found? Why not send people for him? In response, the more Osman Bey consoled him, the more angry he became. At one point, Osman Bey asked him to leave. This scene was very painful.

Osman Bey wanted to give him a house. But he left without accepting these in his pride. Meanwhile, Tekfur Vessels used Ramos in a fad eight against Osman Ber. On the orders of Osman Ber, Kanur Alp was sent to arrest Ramos. When Osman Ber brought Konur Alp Ramos before him, he left the court to get information from him.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 with English Subtitles

Meanwhile, all the guests who had accepted Osman Ber’s invitation were sitting in Osman Ber’s court. When the Bay Gans came to Osman ber Inesihar, their wives also came with them. Among them, Yakub came out. He comes and misbehaves with Malhun Hatoon He sees Holofia and asks if this is your son’s daughter-in-law? Then Malhun Hatun says he is our guest.

Then Holofia asked why did you come here? He says I am here on business. Be somewhat reassured by this answer. After speaking like this, Yakub went out and sat down on the seat of Malhun Hatun. Although there was a seat already prepared for him next to him
In such a situation, everyone sees Osman leaving the court with suspicion.

Osman Bey then began beating the Christian spy to get him to talk. Then he told him about this fad that Yaqub Bey had told him. All the anger of Osman went to Yakub. Without saying a word, he re-entered the court with his sword drawn. Then Yaqub Bey asked him whether you are scaring us or standing against us. Osman Bey replied that the truth will be revealed very soon. more

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 with English Subtitles




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